How did Baahubali kill Kattapa

Who is Bhadra's mother?

There have been many rumors and rumors that the character of Bhallala Deva's wife is being played by actresses like Shriya Saran etc. But the role is not shown in either of the films. Your character will neither be in Baahubali The Beginning still in Baahubali The conclusion shown . Not even a portrait.

The same question is asked by an anchor in an interview with Baahubali's team during the promotions.

Anchor : Rana (actor who played the role of Bhallala Deva)! The character of Bhallala Deva's wife is never revealed in the first part of the film. There have been a lot of rumors about who is playing the role. Will Bhallala Deva's wife be revealed in the film?

Prabhas : (humorous) Rajamouli shows no such character. He is afraid that people will curse him for marrying an innocent girl to the cunning Bhallala Deva.


Anchor : Not even a portrait of her is shown?

Rana : It will not even shown a picture.This story is not about Bhallala Deva's marriage and love story.His sole aim is to take the throne of Mahishmati to reach.

Prabhas : The characters' backgrounds are not revealed in the film.That's why we said.Baahubali is not just a movie.It is a world.** Movie is only one branch of the Baahubali franchise . There could be many other branches as well.

In the earlier part of the same interview, Rana and Prabhas said:

Prabhas : Comics, animated series have already been published. There can be many additions to this film. Movies or shows based on characters may also be released . Everything is possible.

Rana : Comics and books are also published. This is a new approach in the Telugu film industry. But if we observe globally, this is not new. You don't limit yourself to one movie. Film is not a tree. It's a branch. And there are many industries that are comics, video games, etc. Many had called us and said the books were better than the film (Sivagami role).

We can infer from their words that Baahubali The Conclusion is not the end of the franchise. The characters may be revealed. We just don't know when.

If you are wondering what these comics and animations Prabhas and Rana are talking about. Check out the list below.

But this article quotes the words of director SS Rajamouli:

As surprising and strange as it sounds, the evil King Bhallaladeva probably never married anyone. Bhallaladeva, who would be rejected by Devasena as he chooses Amarendra Baahubali as her life partner over the former, would choose to remain unmarried as Bhalla's initial love for Devasena refuses to die. Therefore, he remains a bachelor for life.

When asked about Bhadra's birth, he stated:

"Bhalla's son Bhadra would not be Bhalla's biological son, but an adopted son.

However, the article does not cite a video source.