Still acting Wesley Snipes

He was the pioneer of modern superheroes. What does ex-Blade actor Wesley Snipes actually do?

When Blade hit theaters in 1998, the Marvel movie changed the superhero genre forever. Wesley Snipes was not only a superhero as he was not yet known, but also the first black Marvel superhero in a film - 20 years before Black Panther.

But after three Blade-Films it was quiet about the series, which was mainly due to Snipes himself. The actor is said not only to have been a real diva on the film set, but was also guilty of tax fraud. And whoosh, the once celebrated film star ended up in prison. From December 9, 2010 to April 2, 2013, he was behind bars. After his release, he was held under house arrest for almost six months. With that, Snipe's career was of course broken.

That's what Snipes did after jail

After Snipes had served his sentence, it was very difficult for him to get back into the film business. Up until the mid-noughties he was one of Hollywood's big stars, but there wasn't much left of that fame. He got his first engagement in the action film The Expendables 3. He got the supporting role mainly because he is good friends with producer and actor Sylvester Stallone.

The appearance in The Expendables 3 briefly brought Snipes some publicity again and at least helped him to another role. Unfortunately for him, the film turned out to be Chi-Raq published by Spike Lee only in a few cinemas and so his appearance went almost unnoticed.

In between, Snipes also tried a series called The Playerwhich, however, largely went unnoticed. Even after that, Snipe's comeback didn't really pay off: two more films in which he wanted to re-establish himself as an action star were released directly on DVD.

Hoping on Blade 4

Throughout those years after prison, Snipes kept commenting on another one Blade-Movie. He was always interested in playing the Daywalker in a fourth film, which was not really surprising given his situation. For a while, Snipes even claimed that he spoke to Kevin Feige.

That Kevin Feige would actually be interested in getting Snipes back as a Blade has always seemed very unlikely. The Blade-Films date back to before Marvel was part of Disney. It would hardly have been in the interest of the mouse company to connect the bloody films with the family-friendly image of the company. In addition, at over 60, Snipes was no longer really the age of an action star à la Blade. So it wasn't surprising that Marvel no longer relied on Snipes for Blade. The only surprising thing was that Marvel was so quick to enter Blade-Reboot announced.

This is how Wesley Snipes reacted to his dismissal

Snipes should have been just as surprised by the announcement that Maheshala Ali will take on his role as the iconic vampire hunter, as his fans. These are still loyal to him and were accordingly upset about the "dismissal" of Snipes.

In an interview with The Wrap, Snipes was forgiving and urged his fans to calm down:

“To all daywalkers who are just losing their minds: chillaaxx. Although the news came as a surprise, EVERYTHING is GOOD. That's the way the entertainment industry is. Much peace to the MCU crew - I've always been a fan. Honor and respect to Grandmaster Stan. Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala Ali, a great and talented actor, whose performances I would like to see for many years to come. Inshallah that one day we will work together. "