Can a man fail the seminar?

FAQ | Failure, missed deadline & repetition

When does a failed course / module examination have to be repeated? How often can I repeat a failed course / module examination?

A failed course achievement should be taken again at the next scheduled examination date. The number of possible retry attempts is unlimited. A module examination that has not been passed should also be taken again on the next scheduled examination date. A module examination can be repeated twice.

What happens if I don't take an exam on the agreed retake date?

In this case, the repeat attempt is deemed to have failed. If you were unable to take the repeat examination for health reasons, you should submit a medical certificate to the examination office within three working days of the examination date. The missed retry is then excused and you will be granted a new attempt. If you have any further questions, please contact the examination manager.

Does the exam have to be taken in the following semester with the same lecturer and / or for the same course content?

This is not absolutely necessary, but it does require that you are offered alternative courses from other lecturers on the previously failed module. If you have any further questions in this regard, please contact the responsible examination manager.

If I have regularly attended a seminar and withdraw from the examination (presentation and / or term paper), can I or must I work on the discussed topic in the following semester?

This is not possible. If you withdraw from an examination, you can either agree with the lecturer on a new topic and a new deadline for the following semester or attend a new course including an examination.

Can a failed or unsuccessful exam be repeated without attending the event again?

This is basically possible in consultation with the respective lecturer. Depending on the exam to be taken, we recommend that you visit the event again to prepare for the content of the (repeat) exam. Since you may not be able to register for the repeat examination yourself in JOGU-StINe without registering for the event, you should contact the responsible examination manager for the examination registration at the latest during the examination registration phase.

Can I repeat an exam if I have passed but am not satisfied with my grade?

It is not possible to repeat an examination to improve grades.

If I cannot keep the deadline for submitting my term paper, is it enough if I agree to an extension with the lecturer?

There is no possibility of agreeing an individual extension of the deadline with the lecturer. If you do not hand in a term paper on the agreed date, the examination is considered to be failed and must be repeated (unless you are ill and can present a corresponding medical certificate). If you have any further questions in this regard, please contact the examination manager.