What color shirt goes with burgundy clothes

Burgundy color - who fits and what is it combined with?

With all the abundance of stylish colors that come into fashion every year, there are tones, the so-called classics, that will never lose their relevance. This includes the burgundy color, which gives elegance to the female image.

Who goes with Burgundy?

Burgundy clothes are usually chosen by strong and confident people. It gives the image a touch of elegance and accuracy. Its various tones are perfectly slim and visually expand the silhouette, thereby hiding the flaws. At the same time, it should be used moderately and carefully - in large quantities it puts a note of excessive severity and arrogance and repels others.

Before buying a beautiful and graceful product in such tones, it is worth getting acquainted with the color of burgundy. First of all, such dresses will suit dark-skinned brunettes and add luxury and elegance to the image. For a harmonious look, burgundy can be diluted with golden olives or gray. This color can be worn not only by dark-skinned girls, but also by fair-skinned girls, but in moderation, diluting the image with light shades and accessories.

What does burgundy color combine with?

Particular attention should be paid to the combination of burgundy colors in clothes - the wrong combination can overload the image and even age it. Suitable companions are:

  • burgundy elegant color with black - strict and neutral classics;

  • Burgundy with gray - a practical and comfortable look;

  • Burgundy with pink - a stylish youth look;

  • Burgundy with blue reserved elegance and severity.

Another burgundy color goes well with monochrome elements of clothing. For example, under a skirt in this color you can choose a stylish top with black and white stripes, which can be wonderfully combined with jeans. The elegant burgundy color is also harmoniously combined with the details of clothing made of natural or artificial leather with stylish fur trimmings.

Burgundy color in clothes

Burgundy colors have an amazing property. On the one hand, Burgundy has always been a symbol of power, strength and self-confidence, on the other hand it is a breathtaking warm and soft color that emphasizes femininity and natural beauty. More often it is preferred by mature women with an elongated worldview and strong character, but often it can invade a teenager's wardrobe and put an interesting, bright touch.

A casual feminine look in burgundy does not tolerate bright competing tones. For a combination, it is worth choosing very calm and neutral tones. Denim clothing can be an ideal companion. While burgundy is not a base color, it can play an important role in creating a multifunctional wardrobe that adds its own special flavor.

Burgundy dress

The most popular clothes that no modern women's wardrobe can do without are dresses of various styles and designs. A burgundy evening dress creates a graceful and elegant image that emphasizes the dignity of a beautiful and graceful female figure. In the evening lighting it plays beautifully and enchantingly in different colors. The more structured the fabric, the more luxurious and elegant a burgundy red outfit looks.

Although burgundy is more suitable for evening dresses than for everyday dresses, the second option is not excluded. It visually reduces the volume of the figure, which is an important trump card. Many discreet styles fit harmoniously into the office wardrobe, while stylish mini and midi lengths in everyday design can be worn for a walk, in the cinema or in the theater.

Burgundy skirt

Stylish and fashionable burgundy skirt can become part of your everyday and business wardrobe. A piece like this, combined with a variety of tops and embellishments, looks different and gives your outfit a discreet elegance. Stylish and fashionable skirts in burgundy colors are:

  • Burgundy pencil skirt - perfect for office dress codes and festive occasions;

  • A sun skirt in burgundy is suitable for young women to create a light and romantic look.

  • Long, burgundy skirts create a graceful, feminine and elegant look.

  • The burgundy-colored leather skirt in various options underlines the refined taste and seriousness of a woman.

  • Burgundy tutu skirt - a new trend that makes it easy to create a romantic or extravagant bow;

  • Burgundy pleated skirt - an updated version of the retro style.

Burgundy pants

The burgundy color of the pants always attracts attention, but the first thing to pay attention to when choosing is the relevance of the model, since the discrepancy with fashion trends can look absurd. Choosing the top for burgundy trousers is not so difficult.

The most important thing is that this color can not be combined with other bright colors. So choose things in light, neutral colors. A black jacket, a beige or black blouse, a striped monochrome top and a denim shirt can be successfully combined.

The models of burgundy trousers that are current this year are:

  • thin;
  • shortened models;
  • classic straight cut;
  • sporty style.

Burgundy blouse

A luxurious and elegant look will help create a stylish and graceful burgundy blouse that will suit the dress code in the office as well as the evening or party. The style options are varied - with long or short sleeves, fitted, running around or loosely cut.

Difficulties in the question of what to wear a burgundy blouse with should not arise. It is only important to know the rules of color combinations and maintain a single line of style.

Burgundy sweater

A neutral and versatile item of clothing for all occasions can rightly be called a burgundy sweater in various designs. There are many design options in modern fashion:

  • warm knitted burgundy sweater;
  • wide and voluminous oversized sweater;
  • graceful models with a V-neck that can be worn in combination with a blouse;
  • elegant options with bare shoulders, exquisite decor.

There is nothing easier than choosing a combination of clothes for a burgundy sweater, knowing the rules of color combinations - neutral and calm tones are successful options, and bright and colorful ones should be avoided.

It is important to consider the compatibility of clothing styles. For example, if the sweater is bulky and loose, you should choose a tight-fitting skirt or pants, and vice versa. You should choose a skirt with a light style for a fitted sweater, such as: B. the sun or a bell.

Burgundy suit

Many women work in office companies, where the dress code is strictly regulated, but the usual options for clothes in neutral colors, for example, black, gray or beige, are already fed up with the order. In this case, a women's burgundy suit that emphasizes femininity, elegance and good taste can be an ideal option. Traditionally, costumes can be divided into:

The only disadvantage of this clothing option is that it does not combine your favorite traditional blouse or favorite white shirt with it. Since this option is preferred, it is worth withdrawing from conservatism in the picture.

Other suitable combination options are blouses or shirts in black, flesh or gray. This way you look elegant and feminine in the workplace.

Burgundy coat

A burgundy coat is the perfect outerwear option to create irresistible looks in a classic, romantic or casual look. You can combine it with a variety of clothing styles. The main thing is to keep a single line of style and not forget about the rules for combining colors. According to stylists, the image shouldn't have a lot of burgundy color in it - no more than two things are allowed, but too much of it can create a sense of arrogance and excessive efficiency.

A half-year or winter burgundy coat, available in different model variants;

  • A straight trench coat is perfect for conservative and business looks and emphasizes subtle elegance. This style is no less suitable for special occasions or everyday looks.

  • Stylish and bright coats in A-line in burgundy color create a romantic and feminine look. The style looks light and sophisticated.

  • A cocoon coat in burgundy color that has been fashionable in recent years can be ideally combined with the everyday style of clothes and shoes.

Burgundy jackets

For those who like neutral and easily combinable colors, restrained and non-flashy, stylish jackets in burgundy color, which in different versions, harmoniously fit into any look, can be an ideal option. Modern fashion offers girls the following choices:

  • Burgundy leather jackets. Such outerwear looks stylish and luxurious. As a rule, these are adapted models, short or elongated. A burgundy leather jacket with rich fur trim gives your look a special sophistication.

  • Quilted burgundy jackets are a popular option for many girls because of their practicality and low price. Length options are different:




  • Burgundy parkas are a stylish and warm option.

Burgundy underwear

Every woman pays special attention to the choice of lingerie - this is a surefire way to feel sexy, attractive, and desirable. Red is associated with passion while burgundy is one of its options. And although burgundy-colored underwear was created for special occasions, it is safe to wear with everyday outfits. Such a set looks very beautiful, focuses on the shape of the breast, adding sexuality and attractiveness.

Lingerie models are very diverse and range from laconic, slim styles to luxurious structured fabrics.

Burgundy shoes

In recent years, burgundy-colored shoes have come back into fashion and give the feminine look a touch of chic, elegance and austerity. It is relevant and harmoniously combined with most styles and tones of clothing in both the summer and winter seasons. This year, designer fashionistas have prepared a lot of options for stylish burgundy shoes:

  • Burgundy high-top kaboba shoes are a stunningly beautiful shoe option that goes with both the office dress code and the evening look. Burgundy suede shoes add a special charm.

  • Stylish ankle boots in various designs - with clasps and laces. The material is diverse - smooth leather, suede, combinations of different textures, wheels or brightly fashionable decor.

  • Burgundy patent leather shoes have become a new trend that adds extravagance to the female image.

  1. Burgundy boots for men, lace-up boots and with a protector give you brutality and glamor at the same time.

Burgundy bags

Many people choose the variant of the bag in burgundy color because of its practicality. Its main asset is its ease of compatibility with almost any style of clothing and color. The exception are things in too light colors or in burgundy colors. The only important condition is that this color should be present in the picture in a small amount of roughly the same color - in clothing, accessories or jewelry. Fashionable options for women's burgundy bags are:

  • a voluminous, spacious and practical bag that fits many essentials;

  • Miniature burgundy clutch;

  • Women burgundy backpack.

Burgundy hair color

The latest trend in hairstyles is the auburn hair color that gives a woman originality and extravagance. We can safely say that this hue has triumphantly replaced bright red and traditional black, which are not for everyone. Rich burgundy tones make the hairstyle luxurious and catchy. However, before committing to a radical change, make sure that this hair color is right for you.

First of all, the burgundy hair color will suit girls with blue, gray and brown eyes with porcelain or milky-pink skin. This option is perfect for those who have dark skin and who emphasize the beauty of brown or green eyes. But for fair-haired and fair-skinned girls it is categorically contraindicated to use burgundy shades - the face looks too pale, and the hairstyle is not natural.