What are minimizer bras

Minimizer bra

If a word starts with "mini", it has something to do with small. The Mini Cooper is a small car, a miniskirt is short and minimal means very little. When something is minimized, it is minimized and the minimizer is made smaller. A Minimizer bra is a brassiere that makes the breast smaller. It must be clear to everyone that this is an optical illusion.

And because everyone has a different point of view, the effect of the minimizer is different. While some women are happy with the result, others are of the opinion that the minimizer by no means does what it says on the tin. Of course, there are also big differences with this type of brassiere, which are determined by the quality and cut of the bra.

Minimizer bra: what is it?

  • The minimizer bra is cut in such a way that it makes the bust look smaller.
  • A good quality brassiere has wider straps, which are often padded to avoid cutting into the back.
  • The middle bar is also drawn higher to push the breasts slightly outwards, which makes their volume seem to be less.
  • So that the lush bust size gets enough support and shows a pretty shape, the miniature bras either have underwires or they have double molded cups. This means that a cup is incorporated into the bra, which is strongly shaped and gives the lush bust the necessary support.
  • The fabric band under the breast is elastic like normal bras, but much wider, which also supports a good fit.
  • Because a full bust can more easily lead to postural damage, a good minimizer is designed in such a way that it supports and relieves the back and does not cut into the shoulders.

What is the effect of a minimizer bra?

Opinions differ greatly when it comes to the effectiveness of the minimizer. While there are women who don't want to part with their brassiere for anything in the world because it has restored their lost self-confidence through its diminishing effect, others are more likely to be disappointed.

It must be remembered that the minimizer bra cannot work miracles either. Due to the cut of the bra, the breast is slightly pushed outwards under the armpits. This makes the cleavage appear smaller and the individual breasts appear flatter. This effect does not always achieve the desired result.

If you have a large bust, it can be more advantageous to wear a normal, well-fitting bra with support than a minimizer. A well-cut bra with support does not press the breast outwards, but allows it to come into its own in a pretty round shape. As a result, the breast does not appear broad, but rather well-formed. If you prefer clothing with a larger neckline, you should refrain from the minimizer bra with a high center bar.

Who is the minimizer bra suitable for?

Since the minimizer bra is visually reduced, it is only suitable for large sizes. This means that you can only think about wearing a reduction bra from cup size D.

In general, it should be noted that even the largest bust size can look pretty if it has a nice shape. The attractive shape is seldom achieved by the minimizer, which mainly shifts the breast outwards, but rather by the bra with a support function.

In any case, quality should be paid attention to when buying. It must be tried on before buying. The bra only makes sense if it fits well, relieves the strain on the back and shoulders and gives the chest a round, firm shape.

Combine minimizer bra

The minimizer bra is suitable for wearing under T-shirts as well as under blouses and dresses.

It should be noted that the outerwear should not have a large neckline at the front or back, otherwise either the raised central bar or the wide underbust band that supports the back on the back will be visible.