Which movie should I see this weekend

We just can't get enough of these classic films

Fear, sadness, compassion and longing: in the following Film classics we experience a carousel of emotions like out of a picture book. In our small but fine selection of evergreeners, we have deliberately avoided three-hour long knockouts like "The Godfather" - instead, we present one to you Repertoire of films that are really fun. Not least because they Storyline, the acting performance or the mega creative image recordings Open hearts, horizons and "Hachez" chocolate bars. Schluuuchtz!

1. "Drive" with Ryan Gosling

You think you've seen the best artistic performance in films, but not yet "Drive" looked? Then let me teach you better, because the film with Ryan Gosling gives film art a whole new meaning. Days later we let the scenes, which are more like staged photographs by Mario Testino, go through our heads and hum the original soundtrack "Nightcall" by Kavinsky. And we dream of Ryan day and night anyway ... Because as a stuntman and getaway driver who falls in love with his neighbor and decides to protect her from protection rackets, we particularly like him in "Drive".

Here you can watch "Drive"

2. "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino

Cinema art at its best: In "Pulp Fiction" comes with a cast of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson neither the acting talent nor the inspiring imagery too short. Would you like to understand the anecdotes from the iconic scenes when colleagues or friends rave about it? Then be sure to watch "Pulp Fiction"! "I love you Pumpkin!" "I love you Honeybunny!", Haaaach!

Here you can watch "Pulp Fiction"

3. "Catch me if you can" with Leonardo DiCaprio

Appeared in 2002 "Catch me if you can" in the cinemas, he did play in the 1960s. Because when the 16-year-old Frank William Abagnale Junior went down in history as the youngest impostor, it was clear that the story not only wandered around the world, but that it would also have to be made into a film years later. And not only Frank's life itself, the film also seems like a wonder of the world to us. Because Leonardo DiCaprio, who slips into new professions and roles as an Abagnale Junior and makes millions of dollars seemingly child's play, pulls us into his adventurous and enchanting spell from the first second.

Here you can watch "Catch me if you can"

4. "One pajama for two" with Doris Day

Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton are in "One pajama for two" real rivals actually. Both struggled to survive in the advertising industry in the 1960s - Webster at times using unfair means. When Templeton reports its competitors to the professional advertising association for this reason, a dizzying, humorous and incredibly sympathetic fight for honor and ultimately love begins.

Here you can watch "One pajama for two"

5. "Bridget Jones - Chocolate for Breakfast" with Renée Zellweger

You just have to love this film, there is no other way - our editorial team definitely agrees on that. "Bridget Jones - Chocolate For Breakfast" is the first part of the popular trilogy and has been one of the absolute film classics that a woman should have seen since its appearance in 2001. The story: Bridget decides to change her previous life on New Year's Day and starts the new year with great resolutions. 20 kilos have to be dropped and a new friend has to be found. But that's easier said than done - and so Bridget stumbles from one faux pas to the next.

Here you can watch "Bridget Jones - Chocolate for Breakfast"

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