What is the main work of AA

ELSA was on May 4th 1981 Founded in Vienna by law students from Austria, Poland, Hungary and the Federal Republic of Germany. From then on the different national groups developed.

Already before, on January 18, 1981, was founded in Bayreuth ELSA Germany with 17 members. This association was registered in Berlin and still exists formally today, although no meetings or similar have taken place since 1983 and only one person could be found from the most recently registered board of directors. According to his statements, the club had a very familiar character at the time. A group of around 20 students were interested in the "internationality" of law studies and occasionally lectures or seminars were organized, which were then advertised throughout Germany, but did not meet with particular interest. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to reconstruct whether faculty groups had already developed in Germany at the time.

On July 9, 1984, the then newly elected chairman wrote to the association court that the elections in July 1983 did not go according to the statutes and that he withdrew the report from the new board. Thus no new board was registered, a new election probably never took place, the old board no longer felt responsible or was no longer in Berlin at all, ELSA fell asleep.

At the international level, ELSA developed continuously. Initially there was usually only one group per country, but different national groups. In March 1988 there were already 15 national representations: Austria, Poland, Hungary, i.e. the three co-founding countries, then all four Scandinavian countries, Iceland, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as Italy, Portugal, Malta and Yugoslavia.

After ELSA groups were formed independently of one another in various cities in Germany from 1986 onwards, an article was published in a large legal newspaper in January 1989 in which the people of Heidelberg announced a free information event about ELSA. This event aroused great interest, which is why a new establishment of ELSA Germany was soon on the agenda. After initial difficulties in establishing the articles of association, the general assembly finally took place in the July 1989 adopted the statutes and ELSA Germany newly founded.

At the March 7, 1990 was thenELSA Hamburg founded.

There are now 44 local groups in Germany with a total of over 12,000 members. ELSA has 44 national groups and over 70,000 members across Europe. This makes ELSA the world's largest law student association with the aim of cultural, academic and international exchange as well as international understanding and professional preparation.