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The best PDF note-taking apps

Many years ago, PDFs were still printed out and notes were made with pens. But in modern times, with pioneering achievements by software developers and engineers, the world is now going paperless. PDF note taking apps are growing in popularity day by day. There are many apps out there that you can use to take notes in PDFs. In this article, we have listed the best 4 apps for this below.

The 4 best PDF note taking apps

1. PDFelement Mobile App (Android + iOS)

PDFelement is one of the many innovative products from Wondershare Technology and works efficiently on Android and iOS platforms. The software comes with everything you need to increase your productivity. As soon as you download it and install it from the Google Play Store or iTunes, you can read, comment on and manage your PDF files instantly on the go. With PDFelement, operations such as copying, moving, and renaming PDFs are done with ease. Version 5.1.2 of the iOS app contains the latest update with data protection provisions that users must adhere to when starting the software as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Main features of both apps:

  • They allow you to mark up and comment on PDF files
  • The iOS version allows editing text in PDF by changing the text font, color and size.
  • The iOS version supports converting PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, ePub and other 4 formats.
  • The software is ideal for adding a text box, text highlighting, freehand drawing, and shapes
  • PDFelement enables the sharing of files via email directly or with other applications

2. Write on PDF (Android only)

This app is a PDF annotator that offers high quality options to take notes with your personal handwriting. To enjoy this offer, the app offers you a variety of pens and tools. The remarkable PDF viewer, Write on PDF, allows you to split PDFs and aggregate all PDF documents in your Android smartphone.

Main functions:

  • This PDF viewer is one of the best PDF annotators
  • Write on PDF compiles all PDFs in your handset on a list
  • It allows you to save a PDF document, finish your text, and draw content
  • With this app, sharing PDF files with family, friends and colleagues is easy

3. Markup (iOS only)

Developed by Kdan Mobile, Markup is a brand new PDF reader that is perfect for viewing, editing, annotating and organizing documents in Portable Document Format. With this software, you can add annotations to PDF and write / sign documents, markup ePub books or web pages. You can also save your files directly from your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) using popular cloud service providers - such as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, WebDAV client or FTP. The software is used to sort a lot of information, be it on the go, at home or at work. It has first-class file transfer that allows you to copy files via iTunes, USB, WiFi, as well as open-in function. You can also use PDF markup to customize PDF stamps by adding images or text.

Main functions:

  • It's a versatile viewer and annotator
  • It allows you to add highlights, sticky notes, text boxes, freehand fonts, shapes, arrows and more
  • PDF markup supports every common file format
  • It enables you to view bookmarks, outlines, thumbnail, comment directory, also known as BOTA
  • The app is great for customizing PDF stamps by adding text

d. Xodo (iOS + Android)

This is an all-in-one program with exciting reader & PDF annotator skills. With Xodo you can read, annotate, edit, sign and share PDF files. The software also lets you fill out PDF forms. The impressive file sharing option lets you sync your files with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Xodo's smooth navigation and very responsive PDF display technology enable you to write directly to a file in Portable Document Format. It can be used to open documents in formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Main functions:

  • It helps you write, underline and highlight text directly in a PDF file
  • It allows you to automatically sync your PDF edits with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • With Xodo, you can annotate PDF files with other people in real time
  • It can be used with bookmarks for later use and is available in English, Italian, Chinese, and Polish

Which is the best app?

PDFelement is the leading PDF annotator in the industry. This is due to the fact that it is 100% free and has unparalleled annotation tools. These tools make it easy to underline, highlight, or strike out the context. It is available on all platforms including Android and iOS. In the Android version, you can create bookmarks and hyperlinks. It also offers a number of exciting features for iOS users. It helps to implement an image in a PDF.