How do I find strongly expired domains

Expired domains

Expired domains are domains whose term has not been extended. This makes them available again on the free market, e.g. on SEDO. Mostly they have, due to their history, domain trust, backlinks and PageRank.

Value of an expired domain [edit]

The three factors trust, backlinks and PageRank form the basis for a monetary evaluation of expired domains. Traffic, name and the market relevance of domains are used as additional factors. An exact determination of the value of a domain is not possible - supply and demand in the market determine the selling price.

The backlinks in particular can have grown organically over the years and are rated accordingly by Google, which has an effect on the PageRank.

Areas of application [edit]

Expired domains are often used for new projects due to an existing backlink structure, whereby the domain topic and the language area are usually not changed. It is also possible to use it for a 301 redirect to your own site or project. From Google's point of view, the expired domain used is continuously losing value. There is also trading in expired domains.

Commercialization [edit]

Finding, registering and reselling expired domains has developed into its own market. A large number of domain dealers who specialize in this business model have already established themselves on the Internet. In addition, individuals try to reserve domains by using scripts as soon as their term has expired.

Review of expired domains [edit]

If you want to continue using expired domains and a domain via corresponding pages such as [1] should check the domains in question carefully beforehand. Because an SEO booster can quickly turn out to be a bad investment.

  • Domain popularity and visibility: In this case, common SEO software can be used to determine how many backlinks the corresponding domain receives. At the same time, the anchor texts of the incoming link can be checked. If there are clusters of keyword links or links from article directories or other inferior websites are listed, the expired domain can quickly become useless or worthless. The same goes for visibility. Has it suffered huge slumps? Are there any strong jumps? These can also be features for penalties by Google.
  • Site owner: DENIC's data can be viewed with a Whois query and the person responsible for whom the domain is registered is obtained.
  • WayBack Machine: The research with the WayBack Machine can be used to view the history of the expired domain. In addition to the content, the analysis also provides information about the entire design of the website.
  • Server location and markup languages: If an expired domain is to be used for the German search area, it doesn't make much sense to “revive” a website that was originally only available in English or another language. A faster or more frequent change of server location would also be conspicuous for a bad deal. This should therefore be checked before use.
  • Internal link structure and deep links: In order to be able to continue using the full link power of expired domains, content with many incoming links should be restored as far as possible. For this it is important that the internal link structure as well as the incoming deep links are analyzed in more detail. Ideally, the old structure is reconstructed almost identically.

Another important aspect of using an expired domain is trademark law. Because brands were often mentioned on expired domains. If the domain is now to be revived with the same content, the new operator must also find out whether he can also mention the brands mentioned again.[2]

Importance for search engine optimization [edit]

In the past, expired domains were used by SEOs to set up their own highly branched link network or to open up new and cheap backlink sources. However, Google itself is now able to identify these structures as negative. In this way, these pages can expect a worse ranking in the future or even suffer removal from the Google index.

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