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After the armored cruiser needed
2 social democracy
en for their meals. In addition
Age press fie to jam with the com
A motion is filed in the Reichstag
due to an increase in the royalties
yours and a special tax for Cinkom
Denied at over 20,000 marks. With
Voͤrten taͤl ſie fich in their *
4 important whether this is significant
8 * (and hoped that the mili-
riſtiſche injuries).
R On the last Friday I now had the
Axle council with the en tax increases
In addition to various other boron layers
* are concerned and have objected to
thrown up, causing them to fall.
ſ decisive for the vote
* the voices of roken Prussia
after the Social Democrat Braun.
'Dr the agitation in the Reichstag that
%; Osse ſocial bed and afterwards im
'Meichsraf, where it is believed that the
* do not look into it, your own
Täge tuned down for days. That is the double
Q; u ‘% eegöt social democratic voters

— 1—
marriage Gtzeſinli.

Lle request from Pg.Aube im Preuss.

6 President of the Senate Or.
f {r.‘gß flet did the back
* of the then Prussian Mini⸗
8 the interior Grzefinski thereby er⸗
4 It is unfortunate that as a high disciplinary
* the extraneous behavior
* Miniſters Grzefinski with a dis-

Persecution of the Plinar threatened.
D The Prussian Cabinet
ttä? ‚% fi f‚ der Herr Preussiſche mini
j% ftpm} lbent Dr. Braun, have made this-
to Tatſachẽ the only possible conference
% i 13 drawn, Mr. Minijter Grzeſins
i - ’» to cause resignation. Mr
* nifter Grzefinski has it longer
Every six months from every official
openness kept away. Obne that
; Senate President, Dr. Grühner
* pick up and provable allegations
* Mr. Srzefinski have been checked.
n nghbi ä ‚State Ministry of Mr. Orze-
with a high beam
ung, the chief police officer

and ſein


Minister of State 44

explains he

the parliament
Or. Braun

I see no reason for me to
to be concerned.
most of the members of a directorate
party against me
Return of Mr. Grzefinski to a
Official position as extraordinarily un-
Darnker is located
I among others a miniſterial advice from one
Prussian miniature.
I ask the Staaksminiſterium:
Is it not possible to use the sharply pronounced
cited political activities of the Lord
Grzeſinski ready to accept the Senakspräſi-
denten Dr. Grützner demand differential
proceedings against Mr Grzeſinski
at last - -

Iyp the Poltzei today.

“Those rags belong on the wall
pelted and echoed! "

nſpd. After the last Münchmeyer⸗
The meeting in Aieder⸗Ingelheim came
it between marching SA. and
the police to a conflict caused by
the police was provoked and available for
the execution of various SA men.

We are wedged into this;

SYA people who I on a laff
auto located and in the direction of
Upper Hilbersheim, Groß Wintersheim
happened suddenly through the
Headlights of a rushing overhead
falikommandos of the Mainz police
dazzles. The Kommanhdo was subject to this
Kommi Nar Nöring. The police demanded
barſch the SA. to exit the
Cars and asked for their departure
on foot. When the SA. - still blinded
from headlights of the Meberfall Command
dos - did not find the way immediately, let
the commander pulls the stick
core and hit the SAL people.
One of the officers should be called
have: “These rags belong to them
Wall placed and successful! ”Unker
constant beatings the SA.
pushed away, with most of the SA men
fell down a deep dam. Some-
ge National Socialists, among them the
SAMann Oito Harkmann, ſind ſdifficult⸗

kenhaͤus ſuchen. -

This shamelessness goes with you
the unnecessary behavior of the buttocks
license on a single line

inside only at Königsberg. Berlin
(Stahlhelmkag) and to the Skurm
the Berlin multi-storey car park, at which
tichterſtatter referred to as "dogs"

also ... the billing!

A meeting of the officers
the SPD. Greater Breslau took tern
according to a report by the Reichstag
arranged Ziegler⸗Breslau, who was one of the
nine social democratic MPs
counts against the approval of the
Armored cruiser's vote,
ſclosure in which the behavior of the
those social democratic Reichstag

against the approval of the armored
have pronounced zerrafe.

The resolution goes on to say
the tolerance of the Briining government
didn't save Democrakie
led, but nux the disconnection
don constitution and parliament as a result
had. The SPO officials.
Sroß-Breslau ſe therefore cause ver
let the party and fraction leadership
to withdraw trust; ſie demand⸗
ten of the parking day guidelines for the
Reichstag fraction that of the "klaſſenpoli

tichen objective "of the party enkprä—
chen. (The armored cruiser digestive
complaints persist).


Local group enters closed
from the SPO. out.

Where is the second man?

The Rheiniche branch of the SPO.
Heinzberg declared her closed

Parkei because of the steep name of the
Reichstag parliamentary group to the armored cruiser.
There is proof that there are—
empire of the weird social democrats
Operators have come to understand that ſie
against the party dominance
men, and that it is therefore in vain
because of the SPO. to belong.

Net regulation!

S. fils special surprise will be the
German full of those responsible
dieſes Suſtems the “Emergency Ordinance of
Presented to the President of the Reich. Dieſe Oſter⸗
Gabe will unleash joy on all sides,
anyway, or maybe because of that
Oſtẽrei does not take control in the garden of the empire⸗
presidential palace has been laid. How
which now also ſei. The fathers are in this
Salle hard to guess One is the one
Reichsinnenminiter Wirth, the other the
preuhiſche interior minister Severing. Do you want
experience how the prodult of a folch ſonder—
looks like dual fatherhood, ſo see one
I look at these two. The most outstanding features
maͤle the fathers, d. H. the less pleasing ones
mostly pass on to the child. Mr. Wirth
became known through a klus⸗
Say: “The enemy stands right and Lord
Severing by being patient
the redder brothers of the commune, them
he uses the paternal forgiving epithet "po i⸗
tiſche children, but he only gave them for the rest
too gladly, for reasons of party sovereignty,
let it go! So we can get up today
Reason for our previous experiences say:
this emergency ordinance was enacted against
the national Germany and ſie becomes
be used brutally against the natio⸗
nal opposition! We are to these judgments
justified by the fact that
the interior ministers Braunſchweigs and Chü--
do not struggle to that conference of the national
interior ministers have been invited to
met and on which this Kududsei,
called Emergency Ordinance was hatched.

The zeal with which the People's Party in
Bremen and Thuringia in the arms of the emp⸗
social democracy ready to go
Volumes for the extent of what is planned.

The self-shutdown of the Reichstag until
on October 13th, closed by -
itatie, center, state party, gospel
Dolfsdienjt, Landvolt, Deutſche Dolispartei,
Conferentials etc. is in the same direction
tung, ſo that you ſ already from a bigger one
Plan that can be “turned around” here

article 48 paragraph 2 on the basis of the
Emergency ordinance "from the Reich President" er⸗
has been dieting for 12 years as a result
imperial law not yet approved, the “Oas
To determine more details ”(Art. 48 flbſ. 5 die
splendid basis for a regulation?
moderate weakening of the national

It is true that Art. 48 states ſibſ. 3 of the imperial
nerallung that the Reichspraident, the
Reichstag immediately from the reason
of Art. 48 measures taken Known
ni8 and these measures on ber auf
the Reichstag's lye
Has. - what do you want to do, ſo thinks
Mr. Brüning. The Heichstag is in the
Series gone, that's why you can do it too,