Who founded OnlyFans

Last hope social media platform

The tragedy

Millions of Americans are unemployed. Some of them would turn to OnlyFans in the supposed last hope of being able to provide themselves and their families with essentials, writes Gillian Friedman in the NYT. The pandemic hit women and mothers particularly hard because the parts of the economy where women would dominate were literally wiped out. Specifically retail, restaurants and healthcare, according to the author.

Angela Jones, professor of sociology at the State University of New York is quoted in Friedman's contribution as follows: "Many people move to OnlyFans out of desperation. These are people who are worried about their food, who worry whether they can keep the lights on who worry about not being evicted. " Most of the creators who would make good money are models, porn stars or celebrities. Anyone else would make the pictures a few hundred dollars at best.

The business

But what exactly is OnlyFans and, above all, how does it work?

OnlyFans is a web service for the paid provision of web content such as photos and videos (paid content), mainly erotic or pornographic content, but also live streaming of celebrities outside of this category. You can also find providers from the fields of music, art and crowdfunding on OnlyFans. The structure is similar to that of Instagram or Facebook. Users install profiles and upload photos and videos. You can search for other users, subscribe to other users' content, and communicate using public comments and private messages. The main difference to advertising-financed social media portals is that profile owners have the option of demanding money from subscribers or fans. The minimum price is $ 4.99 per month. Individual content can also be offered to subscribers as pay-per-view and fans can pay a tip. 20 percent of sales go to OnlyFans. Downloading is not possible and the screenshot function can also be blocked.