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Current information on corona measures at universities and research institutions

The Senate Chancellery - Science and Research and the State Conference of Rectors and Presidents of Berlin Universities (LKRP) have agreed the following principles for the implementation of the summer semester 2021:

  • The lecture period of the summer semester starts as planned between April 1, 2021 at the universities of applied sciences and April 12, 2021 at the universities and art colleges, as well as at the corresponding dates at the private universities.
  • The summer semester starts in digital mode. If and to the extent that the pandemic permits, opportunities for presence in studies and teaching will be opened up during the summer semester. The universities inform the students at an early stage which courses and exams can switch to face-to-face mode if the infection rate allows.
  • In attendance, courses that cannot be carried out digitally are primarily carried out. In addition, in the event of a possible switch to face-to-face courses, the universities will set their own priorities, with which they will take into account the pandemic-related course of study, special requirements of courses and the specific conditions on site.
  • The academic libraries support teaching and examinations with their online offers, scan services and lending operations. They expand their offerings, for example by opening their workplaces, as far as and as soon as the infection process allows.
  • The canteens of the Studierendenwerk Berlin will resume their Click & Collect offer based on demand.

In the event of a possible switch to classroom teaching, courses for first-year students in particular should be taken into account. In addition, a digital or hybrid course offer is to be provided in order to provide the best possible support to students who cannot take part in face-to-face events.

Tests that have to take place in the presence of the person are carried out in compliance with the applicable infection control measures (distance and hygiene rules, upper personal limits, etc.) If the pandemic situation improves, examinations that can only be carried out online under difficult conditions can increasingly take place in person during the summer semester. Examinations that had to be postponed from the winter semester 2020/21 to the summer semester should be given priority if they are indispensable for the progression in the course of the study. The universities try to avoid such postponements into the summer semester.

The Berlin step-by-step plan for university operations under pandemic conditions forms the joint framework for action and decision-making for the universities and the Senate Chancellery - science and research, in order to be able to react reliably and at the same time flexibly to a dynamic infection process in the summer semester of 2021.

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