How do I train with a sword

Learning to Sword Fighting: Unusual but Effective Hobby

If you want to learn sword fighting, opt for a challenging hobby that deals with the historical martial arts of Europe. You can find offers for learning martial arts, historical fencing and sword fighting as a sport in many places throughout Germany.

Who is sword fighting a hobby for?

If you have a taste for the Middle Ages or are interested in ancient European martial arts, you can learn sword fighting. It is a demanding discipline whose types of training require endurance and strength and represent a meaningful leisure activity. In this way you train your ability to react, your ability to concentrate and your dexterity. Basic requirements for this traditional sport are good health, a strong physique and a willingness to exercise a lot.

If you decide to do sword fighting, you should be aware that this hobby requires years of training and that you have to invest a lot of free time in order to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the historical sport. "Fencing demands your heart", explains Christian Bott, who founded his own fencing school out of passion, to "ERF Medien".

Learn sword fighting: who offers it?

There are various sword fighting schools to choose from in Germany. These offer offers such as historical fencing, learning martial arts, day seminars or weekend seminars for beginners. If you are particularly enthusiastic after learning the basics, you can also orientate yourself in the direction of stage fencing, show fighting or horse fencing.

The largest sword fighting schools in Germany include, for example, the Gladiatores Munich, Stahl auf Stahl in Frankfurt am Main and the School for European Sword Art, which offers courses in Augsburg, among others. Students from the University of Düsseldorf and the TU Chemnitz can even learn Schwerkampf as part of the university sport. Find out about sports clubs in your area that offer fencing and find out about special courses and seminars there.

What should you watch out for in traditional sport?

It pays to compare schools, prices, and teaching methods before signing up to learn sword fighting. Make sure that you are training with practice swords, wooden swords or bare weapons such as the long sword. Get your first impressions at a day or weekend seminar or take part in a taster course.

The training includes rules, a correct sequence of steps and footwork as well as mastering basic blows, parades and attacks. According to the philosophy of the School of European Sword Art, however, in the long term the sport serves “to lead people to more awareness in body, soul and spirit by handling the sword”.

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