How does smoking weed affect me

Consumption failure: CBD

From Bahar Sheikh

When I first smoked CBD, nothing happened. Aside from a slight buzz like everything was slowing down a bit, or was that just the placebo effect? After all, smoking alone has a calming effect on me. But do I really need this overpriced weed, which can now be purchased in all possible forms (e.g. as an ointment, oil or traditionally as grass) in drugstores, pharmacies or even CBD shops?

In the right form and dosage, CBD can have an antispasmodic and anxiolytic effect for pain sufferers. The same applies here: Not everything that's lying around in the drugstore has added medical value. That doesn't really matter, though, because most seem to only consume CBD because it's kind of cool. Why else would you spend more money on CBD than on weed if ibuprofen or chamomile tea would help with the same acute complaints? To me, CBD followers therefore seem like indecisive non-stoners: as if they wanted to smoke weed but were afraid of the main advantage - the high. Is CBD the neoliberal version of smoking weed? The plot remains, only afterwards and during it you can still function super soberly. Because only philistines can celebrate weed without THC instead of leaving it whole. Instead, the stuff is said to have almost magical properties, so that one can rightly ask: Is the CBD umbel the Bach flower of millennials?