Why does sea water foam

Cappucchino foam on the sea - a dangerous pleasure

& quot; Funny & quot; Foam is far from funny

White foam - NOT a fun treat

Everyone is happy, romping around in the white foam. You can see how bizarre the bubble bath looks in the video. Ocean physicist Laura Kranich doesn't have a smile on her face: "Even if such extreme amounts of foam look strange and attract a lot of onlookers: There are two reasons why one should have respect for it."

Two reasons to forego the bubble bath

  • Natural things are invisible in the foam, not only dogs, but also, for example, obstacles and the potentially dangerous surf. It was only in the spring that this was the fatal fatality for several surfers on the Dutch coast.
  • On the other hand, in the case of toxic algae blooms, the foaming can also lead to increased levels of algae toxins being released into the air and causing breathing difficulties.

Video: Woman is desperately looking for her dog

A walk by the sea can be dangerous. In Australia, a dog owner takes her dog for a walk on the beach. Suddenly the bitch is gone, disappeared in the foam.

That is why the sea foams like milk foam on a cappuccino

Kranich explains: “There are mostly all kinds of substances and particles dissolved in sea water, many of which come from seaweed, for example, which produce foam-forming proteins and fats. If the sea is churned up by storms, small air bubbles are trapped and these are then stabilized by the organic substances dissolved in the water, like milk foam on a cappuccino. "

The warmed sea does the rest

Both larger algal blooms and tropical storms like the one in Australia now have the same cause, namely increased water temperatures in the western Pacific. Due to an ongoing La Nina event and also due to global warming, the ocean temperatures off Australia are currently up to 3 degrees higher than normal.

Video: Foam storm over Cape Town

It almost looks like snow that flew around the coasts of South Africa. The somewhat thick sea foam is washed ashore by the storm and has nothing to do with the white splendor. The foamed spray plunges people, cities and cars into thick foam. You can see the violent pictures in the video.

Video: Tossa de Mar (Spain) is sinking in masses of foam at the beginning of the year

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