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OGF: What is OpenGeofiction?

OpenGeofiction: a collaborative platform for creating fictional maps

OpenGeofiction (OGF) is based on the OpenStreetMap software platform. This means that any map editors or other programs that are compatible with OpenStreetMap can also be used to edit the fictional world in OGF. This imaginary world takes place in the present. So there are no orcs or elves, but instead power plants, highways and apartment blocks; but also beautiful old towns, beautiful national parks and lonely beaches.

If you want to help shape this world:
  1. Create an account on After you have verified your email address, you can start mapping straight away.
  2. Start mapping in one of the blue areas on our Overview map. These areas can be edited by all users. Take a look at different locations and try to design one yourself.
  3. Stick to the rules! They are listed below.

Next, you have the following options:

  1. You can a available land (on the Overview map light green) by adding the Procedure for applying for territories follow.
  2. You also have a choice in one Common territory (on the Overview map purple) by contacting the appropriate coordinator.
  3. You can also choose to do so both to do, and of course you can continue to work in blue areas. If you want to claim a territory for yourself, please remember that this decision is made by the administrators. Please wait for confirmation before making any changes to the area.


Be realistic
  • Try to be as realistic as possible. No fantasy, science fiction, no joke or satirical countries, etc. See plausibility.
Be original
  • No imports from OSM. No imports of any copyrighted map material. If you do it anyway, you can be banned.
  • No extensive copying of real geography. Avoid well-known place names, whether real or fictional, if possible.
  • Do not copy the work of others without their permission.
  • All images in the wiki - photos and illustrations - must be unobjectionable in terms of copyright, and must include a link to the source and / or copyright information. All texts in the wiki must be written by yourself.
Be respectful
  • Do not file in foreign countries and don't move the borders of other countries without the consent of the owner. Also, do not write about other people's countries on the wiki without their consent.
  • Respect the open sea by following the rules about sea borders, island building and shipping routes.
  • Do not extend the borders of your country beyond its outline on the overview map. If the territory on the other side of the border is still free, keep your border within 10 km of the original border.
  • No sock puppets. Only one account per user.
  • No vandalism. No offensive or offensive content.
Be active
  • In the event of a persistent phase of inactivity, we reserve the right to mark your territory as such and thus to warn you. If you remain inactive or do not contact us for a few weeks, we will mark your territory as unclaimed again and make it available to other users and close your account.
Please be aware that violating these rules can lead to the temporary suspension of your account or permanent exclusion.

Other terms and conditions

  • By participating in OGF you agree to publish all your contributions under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0). Of course, you can also name an even more revealing CC license.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for the backup of the data. Snapshots of the map material are created at regular intervals and can be downloaded from Please do this regularly!
  • OGF is an experiment and we don't know if it will last in the long term. We believe that it takes a willingness of all parties to work together and compromise wherever necessary to make this project successful. Please also note that we understand this website as a private homepage and not as a service to the general public. This means that in the end we (the administration team) have the last word in all matters. But we are counting on never having to use these powers.

If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact us by sending a message to the adminteam or an email to [email protected] - Have a look at our FAQ (frequently asked questions); here is a list of (hopefully) helpful hints to get you started.