Is Hulu in anything before Netflix

Hulu is the new Netflix: Full of series hits and only in the USA

That the Golden Globe for the best television series ("The Handmaid's Tale") this year went to a streaming service instead of a traditional television station was no great surprise. After all, Netflix broke this barrier in 2014 with "House of Cards". The bigger sensation was rather that it was not Netflix itself that won another Golden Globe, but the much smaller competitor "Hulu". This has blossomed into serious competition for Netflix and Amazon Video in the past few months - and there are still big plans.

Active for eleven years

The whiz among streaming services is actually an old hand. The company was founded in 2007; whose name means "interactive recording" in Mandarin. Hulu began serving older successful television series with commercial breaks online. Investors included Disney, 21st Century Fox, Comcast (NBC) and Time Warner; shared the content of their television channels. Then in 2010, Hulu began offering paid plans. The station now has 17 million customers who pay $ 12 for ad-free usage.

Successful productions

Although Hulu had its first self-produced programs on offer as early as 2012, major initiatives in this direction did not begin until 2016. The starting shot was delivered by "The Path", a series about a religious sect. Hulu also produced a miniseries based on Stephen King's 11.22.63.

The breakthrough followed in 2017 with "The Handmaid's Tale". The series, which is based on a book by Margaret Atwood, is considered one of the best shows of the past year. It was showered with prizes, the second season is eagerly awaited.

"The Looming Tower", which shows the events surrounding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in "Homeland" fashion, is currently causing a sensation.

Ambitious projects

It should continue in this key. The ambitious projects that are currently being planned include another Stephen King project ("Castle Rock"), a series based on the classic "Catch-22", and a comedy series based on the film "Four Weddings and One Death ". "House of Cards" maker Beau Willimon is producing a space saga with Sean Penn ("The First"), which premieres this year. Hulu could have another ace up its sleeve with "Throne of Glass," a fantasy series for teenagers.

Not available in Europe

Since some prestige projects from Netflix and Amazon flopped, Hulu can currently score. However, users in Europe only benefit from this in a roundabout way. The rights for most of the Hulu series have been grabbed by Amazon in this country, "The Handmaid's Tale" ran exclusively on the Deutsche Telekom streaming service.

Although there were always rumors about an international expansion of "Hulu", at the moment this is likely to be in the distant future. For a long time, the service was not even active in Canada, only in the USA and Japan. A legal gray area is the use of VPN services to virtually "beam" to the USA. However, a US credit card is required to register with Hulu; Users can avoid this by ordering Hulu vouchers and paying with them.

Disnye's plans

However, the future of the service is in the stars as Disney plans to take over portions of 21st Century Fox. That would mean for Hulu that Disney would then own sixty percent of the shares. Since Disney is planning a streaming service itself, it is speculated that Hulu or parts of it could merge with it. However, it is just as uncertain whether the Disney service, which is due to start in 2019, will make it to Europe quickly. (fsc, March 18, 2018)