How do I remove a trigger lock?

How To Modify Nerf Module For Beginners: 9 Steps | 2021

The Nerf Modulus was released in 2014 as an extension of the customizable blaster line Modulus. While it's an interesting blaster, it has a number of shortcomings that electronic Nerf blasters have, including the inability to fire dry and the inability to fire without the jam door fully closed.
These problems can be fixed with a number of simple modifications * which we (a Nerf War Team) will show you in this guide. These mods include:

  • Dismantling the blaster.
  • Release the lock.
  • Magazine switch deactivated.
  • Jam door switch disabled.
  • Assembling the blaster.
  • A few additional tips and tricks.

This project is for beginners, and while it is an electronic nerf blaster, No electrical skills, tools, or knowledge are required to complete this project. We have found workarounds for you. As you learn more about electrical work, you can always go back to your blaster for things like completely rewiring, replacing motors, removing resistors and thermistors, and much more.
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* Please note that our Nerf team is not responsible for any defective explosive device or injury associated with modifying this blaster. Change at your own risk.


Step 1: tools and materials

To change your Nerf module you will need:

  • A hot glue dispenser.
  • Hot glue.
  • Scissors.
  • A small Phillips screwdriver.
  • A small piece of cardboard.
  • The blaster itself.

Step 2: open the blaster

To get to the mechanical parts of the blaster we first have to open both halves of the bowl ("butterfly"). Here's how:

  1. Remove all bearing, tactical rail, and barrel attachments from the Core Blaster.
  2. Rotate the blaster so the left side (the side with all the screws) is facing up as in Picture one.
  3. Remove the screw in the battery compartment cover as in Picture one. Remove the part by pulling it down at an angle from the blaster. Remove the batteries.
  4. Remove the two screws on the shaft attachment point and pull them backwards from the blaster as shown in Picture two.
  5. Remove all other screws in the blaster housing as in Picture three.
  6. Carefully pry both halves of the blaster apart as in Picture four.

Step 3: save the internal layout

Before you start making changes, it is of vital importance to get familiar with the internal mechanism of the blaster. Three reference photos were made available.

Step 4: exposing locks and switches

In order to adjust the performance of the blaster we need to activate, remove and / or deactivate a series of locks and switches. How to get to them:

  1. Find the large plastic plate under the trigger arm, loosen the two screws that secure it, and pull it out as in position Pictures one and two. The trigger lock and magazine switch will now be exposed.
  2. Find the small plastic cover on top of the blaster, remove the screw and tighten it as in Pictures three and four. The jam door switch is now exposed.

Step 5: removing the trigger lock

The trigger lock prevents the trigger from being pulled on the blaster unless a magazine is fully inserted. To remove it:

  1. Find the trigger lock and remove the larger part as shown in Pictures one and two.
  2. Pull both the speed-up and main trigger to reveal the remaining portion of the trigger lock, as in Pictures three and four.
  3. Remove the last piece as in Pictures five and six.

Step 6: deactivating the magazine switch

The magazine switch does not allow current to flow through the blaster unless a magazine is installed. How to disable it:

  1. Cut a small rectangle (about 1 cm x 0.5 cm) out of cardboard, as in Picture one.
  2. Put a dot of hot glue on one side as in Picture two.
  3. Tape it over the magazine switch, making sure the switch is fully depressed as in Picture three.

Step 7: Disabling the Jam Door Switch

The jam door switch does not allow current to flow through the blaster unless the jam door is completely closed. How to disable it:

  1. Temporarily remove the storage door as in Picture two.
  2. Carefully Lever out the jam door switch as in Picture three.
  3. Cut another small rectangle (about 0.25 cm x 0.5 cm) out of cardboard, as in Picture four.
  4. Glue the cardboard rectangle into the bottom of the box that contains the jam door switch, as in Picture five.
  5. Replace the jam door switch as in Picture six.
  6. Replace the storage door as in Picture seven.

Step 8: reassemble blaster

At this point, all internal changes to the blaster are complete. To reassemble your blaster:

  1. Make sure you made all the changes correctly and removed the correct parts, as in Pictures one and two.
  2. Put both halves of the blaster back together and tighten all the screws as in Picture three.
  3. Reattach the stem attachment point and tighten the screws as in Picture four.
  4. Insert batteries as in Picture five.
  5. Replace the battery compartment cover and tighten the screw as in Picture six.

Step 9: project completed!

When you've made it this far Congratulations! You have successfully changed your Nerf module! Now you can pull the trigger and twist the blaster whenever you want!
We hope that you will enjoy your modified blaster for many years to come and we wish you all the best for the future of your Nerf modding hobby!
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-The innovation department at FANG. Nerf Club