You can perm treated hair

Maintenance of perms

This is how your curls keep their bounce

Why are fewer people wearing perms today than in the eighties? Because the permanent wave has long been sold as "the-hairstyle-that-wakes-up-in-the-morning-and-looks-dazzling". The fact that permed hair requires more care was not mentioned. But if you don't care for a permanent wave, you can't win a style award with your look. We'll tell you what is important.

Porous hair - like Emmental Hole Cheese

After a perm, your hair is porous, which means that there are cavities in it. Like a sponge, these holes are unevenly distributed and of different sizes. In order to still get a great bounce, you have to fill these cavities with care ingredients. Care products that give suppleness are ideal.

The daily care dose - cream your hair

When the skin is dry, we feel it because it feels like it's two sizes too small. Unfortunately, our hair cannot make itself felt so well when something is missing. Permed hair cannot absorb and store moisture as well. Cream your hair just like you would your skin.

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Care and hold in one - the setting hair cream

There are also creams under hair setting agents. These mostly have the advantage that they contain less alcohol than other holders and give hair a healthy look. Without making the curls look oily, they get the ultimate kick.

How to win the curl style award

If you think that the greasy, shiny soul glow curls from the Prince of Zamunda are a thing of the past and you prefer to wear your curls naturally, kms California has the styling cream for you. The CurlUp Control Creme gives permed hair bounce, forms wonderful bundles and provides lasting protection against frizz. An absolute must-have!

Roughened cuticle - put a protective cover over it

It is not without reason that so many manufacturers use silicone for their care products. Once the cuticle layer of the hair is roughened by a chemical treatment, only silicone can effectively close it. However, since silicones weigh down and can cost you the bounce of your curls, you should use them carefully - mainly in the tips.

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This is how your hair wants to be treated - general care tips

Regardless of any product, you can take care of your hair by treating it properly. If you want to have beautiful curls, you should know how to treat your hair.

How to style curls

If you blow dry your curls overhead, you can authentically stage your 80s outfit. Do you like well-groomed bundles of curls better? Then read on here.