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The Amazon Rainforest Is Burning: What Can We Do? In the Amazon region there is a lot of fire: You have probably seen the pictures of big fires too. These are the worst forest fires in many years. Why is that so - and what can we do about it? We tell you.

Why is there a fire in the Amazon?

Most of the fires were started by humans to destroy the forest so that they could plant cattle pastures and soybean plantations in its place. Because they can earn money quickly with cattle and soy as animal feed. The Brazilian government supports them in this.

But a lot of people in Brazil and around the world don't think that's a good thing. Because when the Amazon rainforest burns, many animals and plants have to die. The rainforest there is the largest species treasure trove on earth. In addition, all the smoke is bad for our climate around the world.

That is why we at the WWF and many other nature conservation organizations are currently doing everything we can to finally put out these bad fires and prevent new fires.


What is the WWF doing?

1. We call on the Chancellor to work personally to put an end to the fires.

2. We call on all companies to stop buying beef and soy for which the rainforest has been destroyed.

3. We are committed to ensuring that the protected areas in the rainforest in Brazil and the other Amazon countries such as Bolivia and Colombia remain unconditionally - and that they continue to be legally protected.

4. We also work to ensure that the people in Brazil get help so that they no longer burn down the forest out of need and poverty.

We want to save the Amazon rainforest - take part!

A healthy rainforest protects our climate and is home to many animal and plant species.

2. With a donation you can help us to fight the causes of the fires.

3. Eat less meat and, above all, only meat from organic farms.

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