What is the story of Ultimate Frisbee

Sports history

The success story of the plastic disc began in the 1960s. And that includes a little legend that sounds particularly beautiful: According to the story, we owe the sliding disc to a bakery company, the "Frisbie Pie Company", which has been making cakes, biscuits and tarts on the American east coast since 1871. At some point, children should from the neighborhood dug the flat, round cake trays out of the rubbish bins and turned them into throwing discs. They were enthusiastic about the good flight characteristics of the trays. This is how the Frisbee was born ...

What we do know, however, is that one man was particularly inspired by the first flying discs. Walter Frederick Morrisson was to earn a fortune with the invention of the Frisbee, because he tinkered with the dimensions and materials of the throwing discs until he found a partner in the toy manufacturer Wham-O in 1957, who professionally marketed the first Frisbees.

It wasn't long before Frisbee became a popular sport in American universities. In order not to throw the disc back and forth, the students developed more and more forms of competition for teams and individual players, which have been preserved until today. The discipline "Ultimate Frisbee" is often referred to as the supreme discipline of the Frisbee sport, but there are also other very popular forms such as disc golf, freestyle, double disc court or long throw.

Around six million people around the world now actively play Ultimate Frisbee. The focus is clearly on North America, but Ultimate Frisbee has also been spreading in Europe since the 1970s. In 1981 the first German championship took place in Duisburg. A lot has happened since then. Over the years, new associations have been added and the number of teams (women, mixed, juniors) has steadily increased. Ultimate has been the official competition discipline of the General German University Sports Association since 1991 and has also found its way into physical education in schools in some federal states. Many professional football clubs have meanwhile included Ultimate Frisbee in their training program because it strengthens stamina, jumping ability, flexibility and, above all, fair teamwork.

Outlook: In 2015 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially recognized Ultimate Frisbee and accepted its world association as a member. If the applicant Los Angeles secures the hosting of the Olympic Games in 2024, the chances are good that Ultimate Frisbee will then be Olympic for the first time.

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