Who is better Mo Salah or Cristiano

BILD comment | Salah is already for me
better than Ronaldo

► When I see Messi I think: wonderful!

► When I see Ronaldo, I say: madness!

► But when I see Salah, I scream: HOW COOL IS THAT ?!

Mohamed Salah (25) doesn't need an overhead kick like Cristiano Ronaldo (33) to shine. The Liverpool striker knocks everyone out even without screaming for a goal!

When the little Egyptian (1.75 m) dribbles across the pitch like he did against AS Roma (5: 2), my football heart laughs. And not just since yesterday!

No question about it: Ronaldo is the man for the big (ego) moments, an incredible header player and executor (42 goals in 39 games). Lionel Messi (30) is inimitable in his movements and ball control.

But nobody enchants me in front of the TV like Salah.Whether 40-meter lob or super solo, flick or tap: Salah hits as he wants.

But one thing in particular distinguishes him from Ronaldo (42 goals in 39 games): He can not only score, but also pass.

Salah (15 assists) plays helpful to the team, also lays across the goal. Ronaldo (7) prefers to stick to it himself!

Salah - actually a guy like Messi, only more accurate.

His quota: 43 goals in 47 games. Messi has 40 goals and needed 50 games.

I think: After ten consecutive world football titles, Messi's and Ronaldo's time is up.

Give the Ballon d'Or to Salah!