Why is the brake pedal larger in the automatic

Why is the brake pedal larger with automatic?

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  • Is there a reason or regulation that the brake pedal is larger on all automatic cars than on cars with manual transmission?

    This question has plagued me for ages. Even my driving instructor in 1983 couldn't answer that, and the people from TÜV, Dekra etc. certainly couldn't

    Do you have any ideas why that is?



    who is still answering from Ali's Cafe

  • So that you don't miss out.

  • So that you don't miss out.

    What goes wrong with ??? With the right or left foot


    who is still answering from Ali's Cafe

  • that comes from the good old days.

    When driving downhill for a long time, the braking power could decrease and so the automatic came with the larger pedal so that you can really press the pedal with both feet.

    (Can't say that it's 100% true, I picked it up in a forum and it sounds reasonable)

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    C200 esprit C36 bouwkasten

    well somebody with you had to fill the space down there


    whoever brakes later is slower

  • Just pick it up again

    Is there really no explanation why the brake pedal is larger in automatic vehicles ???

    Everything is standardized in D, but of all things this part is not

    Come on boys and girls, there must be reasons for that


    who is still answering from Ali's Cafe

  • Because with the automatic, many brake with the left and the felt length to the pedal with both feet should be the same!

  • @Ninja

    http://www.telefon-treff.de/sh…ight=Automatik+Bremspedal Wasn't this answer enough for you in February ???
    I knew that I had read the question in a forum before.

    Why are you asking for the same question again?

  • @ Andreas

    And where is there a specific answer? Like here, I just find different opinions from different people ...


    My blog: TwentyMag <- read, share, like, comment, subscribe. You know what I'm talking about here

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    C280 3.6 AMG

    So with a Passat automatic from 1991 it was no bigger. When I braked there with my left I stepped into the void In the DTM you also brake with the left ...

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