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Night clubs (O)

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Night clubs are properties in Grand Theft Auto Online that can be purchased at foreclosures.maze-bank.com. The club itself is relatively small and probably only designed for 50 to 80 people. Most of the property is behind the scenes. There is a warehouse, a vehicle workshop and parking spaces for vehicles. Tony Prince mostly manages the club, while the online protagonist pulls the strings in the background. The entire property is underground and is divided into different levels. The club itself and the receiving department are on the first level and the rest on the lower levels. A maximum of five levels can be added.


Entrance area

The entrance area is - as the name suggests - directly behind the entrance. There you can find the till again. There the owner of the property can change the entrance fee, the entrance fee and the dress code. Alternatively, this can also be set via the interaction menu. There are posters of the current DJ on the wall across from the cash register. Behind the entrance area, stairs lead to the first bar.


The first bar is already at the foot of the stairs to the entrance area. The bar consists of a counter, a wall table with seating and a sofa wall. Here you can order piss water, vodka, The Mount Whiskey, Richard’s whiskey and Macbeth whiskey. The owner of the club does not have to pay anything for the drinks.

dance floor

The heart of the club. Here you will find the dance floor, two wall tables and several seating areas. A staircase leads to the upper level or the DJ booth and a door to another corridor. Depending on the purchase, there are also platforms on the dance floor on which committed dancers create a good atmosphere.

DJ booth

The DJ booth is on a small stage where there is a mixer and audio boxes. The owner of the club can determine who is allowed to be in this area. A staircase leads to the upper level.

Upper level

Two flights of stairs lead to the upper level, one directly from the dance floor, the other from the DJ booth. The main bar is located on the upper level, where, in addition to drinks from the second bar, you can also order Blêuter’d Champagne Silver, Blêuter’d Champagne Gold and Blêuter’d Champagne Diamond. This must also be paid by the owner. On the upper level there is another area with bar tables and sitting areas. The VIP area can also be reached from the level.


The toilets are next to a corridor to the right of the DJ booth. It is a unisex toilet that is used by all genders. Some club goers throw up in a toilet cubicle or complain that they have already had too much to drink. If an online protagonist has drank too much, he or she wakes up in a cubicle, hugging the toilet. The same thing can happen if the nightclub has been selected as the point of re-entry into online mode.

VIP area

The VIP area is the exclusive area of ​​the club and also serves as the office for Tony and the owner of the club. Here you will find a small bar, seating, the owners' desks, a bed, a wardrobe, the safe and an elevator to the other levels. A door from the second level or a staircase from the delivery area lead to the VIP area. The owner can manage the club's business on the PC.

Buyable night clubs

picture Location costs description
Elysian Island$ 1,080,000Forget cozy workers' terraced houses and quaintly abandoned factory sites: if you're looking for a real challenge, try gentrifying a port area where you're knee-deep in industrial waste and dead fish. If you can lure the premium clientele there, you can lure them anywhere.
Airport$ 1,135,000Imagine being in the management of an international corporation looking for world class evening entertainment but reluctant to venture too far from your private jet in case the FIB learns you are on American soil. There is only one way to satisfy this important consumer group and that is to this place.
Vespucci$ 1,320,000The only thing the canals of Vespucci still lack to appear more European than Europe itself is a boastful and brutally overpriced nightclub in the middle of the ruins of what used to be a profitable commercial and industrial district.
Cypress Flats$ 1,370,000Cypress Flats is currently in the perfect development area for a new club: It exudes tons of post-industrial coolness, but at the same time offers very few apartments in which hipsters can nestle. And it will remain on this tightrope walk for a few more years.
Mission Row$ 1,440,000A wise man once said that wealth is relative. And nothing underlines the amazing wealth of your clients better than when they can take a pitying look at the highest concentration of tramps in the country at the cigarette smoker in front of the door.
La Mesa$ 1,500,000This location is not only accessible on foot for the young professionals in Mirror Park, it is also the only place in the city where the noise of the motorway also serves as the largest subwoofer in the world.
Strawberry$ 2,035,000One of the few known advantages of a former paint factory as a location for a new night club is the ubiquitous traces of industrial solvents. Good atmosphere, happy customers, all night long. Guaranteed.
Del Perro$ 1,645,000This charming 1920s building in Del Perro has just enough class to provide the post-ironic kick needed to turn it into a vibrant techno dungeon.
Vinewood Center$ 1,670,000The center of Vinewood is also the entertainment center of Los Santos: Oriental Theater, Whirligig Theater, Doppler Cinema Palace - and in the middle of all the charm of abandoned commercial temples, a nightclub construction site awaits you.
Vinewood West$ 1,700,000It's hard to find a suitably seedy location in West Vinewood. This shop was also in pristine condition until we paid a group of tramps to live here for a few months. Now he has the character he needs and more.