What are the requirements before starting the website

Create a website with Jimdo My experience with the construction kit

Jimdo has fundamentally simplified the principle of creating websites and online shops. Thanks to design limitations and optimized user guidance, even laypeople can now build beautiful websites.

Jimdo Dolphin: Click, click, done

The new basic principle at Jimdo is based on Content blocks that are placed one below the other. I select a block in the sidebar and can use it customize according to my needs. The arrangement can be varied, the color scheme can be changed and individual elements can be added or removed.

Your own homepage in 10 minutes

The first steps can be completed in a few minutes. Anyone who can already be found on Google with their business model can automatically insert a Google map into the layout of their new website. Each step can be skipped and done later. The next step is to choose an industry to which your website can be assigned. On the basis of this information, further, specific suggestions are made as to which classification best fits the homepage.

Create a design from your favorite components

That is also fundamentally new Application of design templates. There is a good selection of color schemes and matching fonts in combination. Depending on your taste, the color scheme and fonts of the theme can be fine-tuned.

There is a class Preview mode, in which I can also view my site in the mobile display before I publish it. Since in the new Jimdo anyway all responsive is structured, a website always looks good on the go.

Domain costs & package prices

Many basic functions for creating websites can be used in the free Dolphin PLAY tariff. With the upgrade to a paid plan, there is also one own domain. She is free for the first year, after that will be for it then 20 euros per year due. Here you can find a comparison of all Jimdo tariffs and their costs.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Be found on Google with Jimdo

It doesn't take much to optimize a website for search engines like Google. More useful, meaningful content that matches the visitor's intention is the most important. Jimdo offers you some automatic optimizations for your pages.

  • Title and description for Google Search
  • Mobile-optimized display
  • Short URLs for your subpages
  • Low loading times for fast pages

Visitor analysis (tracking)

What I sorely miss with Dolphin is the ability to use the Google Tag Manager. Here I show you how to use the Tag Manager in the Creator. Technically savvy users can use it for example Conversion tracking for various marketing channels such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads set up. At least it can Google Analytics to measure visitor behavior. In addition, the Google Search Console can be set up to track positions and click-through rates for individual keywords on the search engine. And both together are more than enough for most of them.


The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR for short, we owe infinitely long legal texts - which nobody reads - and annoying cookie banners. Jimdo takes all Hassle to its customers Legal security according to EU standards through pre-designed system pages from. There is already an imprint, legal texts on data protection, as well as a cancellation policy and terms and conditions for online shops. An annoying cookie banner is also in the starting blocks. All However, system texts are initially only available in English and not individualized either. The Jimdo Grow Legal tariff continues ...

Legal texts manager in the Jimdo Grow Legal package

Jimdo Dolphin costs 20 euros per month in the Grow Legal tariff with legal texts manager and warning protection. The legal protection comes from the third-party provider Trusted Shops as an extension to the Jimdo Grow tariff, which costs 15 euros without this add-on. Directly at Trusted Shops, i.e. without a Jimdo website, exactly the same service costs 24.90 euros per month (see tariff warning protection pro). Jimdo thus offers its users a significant discount. So 5 euros extra for a service that otherwise costs 24.90 euros at Trusted Shops.


What was standard with the Creator is still partially missing with Dolphin: The embedding of external content as HTML element. After all, can Easily integrate videos from YouTube or Vimeo. In the test, there was still no way to upload a nasty PDF, but Jimdo has now made up for it. I would also like that the embedding of HTML is also possible.

Otherwise, additional expansions through external services do not seem to be planned in the short term. I am thinking of the Soundloud music service, for example, as Dolphin has only had a rudimentary player for music uploads so far. Something like this can be outsourced to external services, because the storage capacity would be quickly exhausted, especially in the low paid tariffs.

Blog function

Personally, I just don't enjoy blogging with Jimdo. I tried it and quickly let it go. Create a news article here and there - ooookay. Modular systems are static - that is, if you create a subpage, a teaser - i.e. a preview - must be created wherever a visitor should be made aware of it. But if you publish new content at a higher frequency, building teasers and updating will become your main occupation. Since there is no sidebar with Dolphin, you cannot direct the visitor's focus to new or particularly important content anywhere except in the navigation menu. Whoever wants to blog should deal with WordPress. Almost all hosters (WordPress hosting comparison) offer a simple one-click installation. That means you can easily set up the system on a server. The configuration, i.e. creating the design and page structure, causes a lot more effort with WordPress than with Jimdo.

Jimdo online shop

In contrast to the Creator, a separate product page is automatically generated in Dolphin with each created product. That makes sense in every way. Each product has its own url and can also be found via search engines or shared in social networks.

My example of a product page with Jimdo. You can also view the product page here in the browser.

In general, I find the new ones Product pages are visually very appealing. I can place as many text and image elements here as I want in order to present a product in the best possible way. The arrangement and number of blocks can be different for each article. That creates Maximum flexibility despite the modular principle.

What has also been improved is the option to create more than just one feature for each product. This could be, for example, the interplay between size and color. Or also form and material. No matter. What one or the other might still be missing here is the possibility of setting different prices for each product feature. This is actually only possible in the Creator.

E-commerce features

The shipping and tax zones are also practical. These can be divided into four categories for the home country, the EU, the European non-EU zone and the rest of the world. In this way I can define the shipping costs, VAT rate and the delivery time. The shipping costs and tax zones can be set up individually in Dolphin.

Pay with Stripe and PayPal

Payments in the shop are accepted either via Stripe or PayPal. This covers credit card payments and direct debits. With PayPal, a fee of 2.49% of sales plus € 0.35 per transaction is then due. Stripe is slightly cheaper. From my point of view, this is fair for the service offered and payment security.


If you can't live without an email address matching your domain name, you can connect Jimdo to the Google Suite. At Google, that costs 48 euros per mail account per year. Those who prefer to invest the money elsewhere can simply forward an email to their existing email address. The destination can then be, for example, a free GMail mailbox such as [email protected] This is how I personally do it for all of my websites.

You have the choice between a mailbox in the paid G-Suite or a free email forwarding to your existing mailbox.

Conclusion on the new website construction kit from Jimdo

The friendly Hamburgers are investing in the future of their modular system with the development of Dolphin. Because in the end I missed the feeling of innovation when using the Creator. It feels very different with Dolphin. It's fun building websites with Jimdo. No matter what I do, the site always looks good. The result is a clever product for a target group with no experience. And the users are properly guided through the operation. Well done Jimdo. The kit even offers solid basic equipment in the area of ​​eCommerce.

Jimdo Creator in the test (JimdoPro & JimdoBusiness)

The following test report refers to the classic editor "Creator". The focus in the further development of the software is definitely on the new system. You can find my review for Dolphin in the top half of this page.

Questions & Answers about the Creator

Dolphin is increasingly replacing the Creator

For the development of the editor "Dolphin" was a complete one new technical infrastructure necessary. This resulted in two separate editors for creating websites. Because The well-known editor is still available under the name Creator. There is no possibility to switch from one variant to the other. After all, both options can be tried out free of charge in advance. The future is likely to lie with Dolphin.

Overview of the classic creator from jimdo

The Creator is a really useful modular system in the JimdoPro package for 9 euros a month many sophisticated setting options offers. This does not only apply to the visual adaptation of all elements of a website. Even demanding users who appreciate the potential in the area Search engine optimization and user tracking the most important options can be found here. The JimdoBusiness tariff actually only offers shop operators who want to offer more than 15 products added value.

The basic idea of ​​the Jimdo homepage construction kit is: Simplicity in every way. Dealing with the Live editor is quickly internalized and perfect geared towards the needs of beginners. Even completely inexperienced users can use Jimdo to create beautiful websites that are optimized for search engines. Regardless of the industry in which the new homepage is to be established, optically and structurally easy to implement individual adjustments for the user.

Websites created with Jimdo can be aimed at very different goals. For example, a restaurant can be just like a cosmetics studio Select specific design templates and adapt them to your own requirements. The intuitive to use editor enables with its function "Detail styling“The customization of any element of a page. Fragments such as headings or buttons individually designed according to your own wishes become.

Especially for freelancers the quick and uncomplicated setup and user guidance of Jimdo is ideal for presenting your own portfolio and range of services. A blog function is also available with the JimdoPro and Business packages.
Function enhancements and security updates are regularly uploaded by the provider so that their own website is always technically up-to-date.

How good is the shop function in Jimdo Creator?

Online shop with the Jimdo Creator

Anyone who also has products online in own shop want to sell, Jimdo can quickly and effectively achieve a ready-to-use product presentation. The shop function can be easily expanded. Individual products or entire product lists can be used anywhere on the homepage to be placed. Different characteristics in shape, size, color, delivery time, etc. can also be taken into account when presenting a shop product. Jimdo ensures that your Online shop legally secure is launched and also regularly provides helpful tips for further optimizing your own presentation on the Internet. All details about the Jimdo Shop can be found here in the test at website-tutor.com.

You can find more examples of the Jimdo Shop here.

The Shop function is already available from the free version JimdoFree available. Here up to five products Tobe offered. With JimdoPro is the limitation on a maximum of 15 products in the shop expanded. With JimdoBusiness an unlimited number of articles can be offered in your own online shop.

Comparison of the Jimdo Creator packages

There are three packages: JimdoFree, JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. The advantages and disadvantages of the three packages are described below. Finally, the respective range of services is compared.


The free version already offers many functions to publish a very attractive and nevertheless free website on a subdomain according to the scheme websitetutor.jimdo.com. All functions of the live editor are available to freely place elements such as images, texts, buttons, links and even shop products on the website and to design them individually.

  • Intuitive editing thanks to the WYSIWYG editor and drag & drop
  • All templates of the Pro and Business package are also available in JimdoFree