What things does the sun remind you of

Is there an app with which you can be reminded of things?

Hello, I'm 14 and I keep forgetting important things .. it all started when I was 7/8 in school. I kept forgetting my homework, not on purpose. I just got out of school and forgot all I had to do. It's still like that today, although I actually enjoy it. (I also forget work) I can hardly remember the time up to the age of about seven. Just rough pictures of the kindergarten (outside), the old house (very rough) and some important people (mainly because of photos). What is also a shame is that I keep forgetting tasks. For example, if I'm supposed to take out the trash, I'll forget about it two minutes later. If I'm supposed to bring 'breakfast items' on the last day of school, I forget that too. I even forget appointments with friends that are important to me (once even a birthday party!) And doctor's appointments. Even if I am reminded of it in the morning or in the morning. But even with the best will in the world, I cannot remember conversations and situations that the others remember later (regardless of whether it was a day or six months to a year!). It's really stressful and makes me totally unreliable for the others.

Can someone tell me why this could be? For example, separation of the parents, little contact with the father, nutrition, too little drinking or is that an illness (because I sometimes feel like I have dementia or something)? So psychologically or physically? Because it can't be because of puberty .. Should I go to a doctor, if 'yes', which one?

Thanks in advance! :-) LG