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Prince Harry: "I always want to know what people say about me"

Prince Harry's withdrawal from the British royal family caused a lot of trouble. A British Royal correspondent took this drastic step as an opportunity to paint a different picture of Harry.

Prince Harry, 35, is the sunshine of the British royal family for many. The younger son of Prince Charles, 71, and Princess Diana († 36) is known for his cheeky humor, emotional strength and approachable manner. During the current coverage of the prince's resignation from the duties of a senior royal, this picture of him is lost. Royal correspondent Rebecca English, who writes for the British Daily Mail and knows Harry well, is now trying to straighten the picture of the prince - and gives him honest advice.

Prince Harry and Rebecca English have known each other for many years

English and Prince Harry know each other from various trips together, as the journalist writes in her comment. They have been together to Africa, New York and Nepal, among others. In Lesotho in 2006 they made a kind of friendship, so English. As she sat on her article about the trip and Harry's work for the Sentebale organization, she felt that she was being watched. Harry looked over her shoulder as he wrote. "I just wanted to see what you said about me," he is said to have said with a cheeky grin. "I always want to know what people are saying about me." Rebecca English said he was told not to be "so damn curious".

Harry wants to be himself

After this situation, the two started talking and got to know each other better. An important point to be able to assess the current situation, so English. Harry told her how much he hated the limelight he grew up in. Before he met Meghan, his biggest dream was to live undetected in Africa, the journalist continues. "I would like to work as a tour guide, you know? Just go into the bush and be me," she quotes him. He now wants to use his existing celebrity to break the stigmata in relation to HIV and AIDS. With this work, he takes on the legacy of his mother, who has also campaigned for infected people for years.

Although his fame bothered him, he reads all reports about him, according to English. Now and then he even discussed openly with her because he didn't like what she wrote about him. The prince is bothered by the fact that wrong things are published about him. He is said to have said to the journalist once: "One day I would really like to have my own newspaper column so that I can write the truth and tell people what I think." Words that allow a completely different view of the otherwise relaxed and mischievous Harry.

Emotional intelligence like Princess Diana

A second situation that Rebecca tells English is also touching. When she traveled to Nepal with Harry in 2016 and attended a children's hospital with him, she was overwhelmed by her own feelings. Because her son was also in the hospital for a long time until shortly before this trip and they inevitably reminded the children of him in Nepal, tears ran down her face during the visit. Even so, she kept working and ended the day professionally. Harry registered exactly what was going on in the reporter and asked one of his bodyguards why Rebecca English had been so upset. After Harry found out about their situation, he picked up the phone.

"You were so incredibly professional, I don't know how you did that [she visits the sick children, Note d. Red.] as a mother. I find it difficult enough now, let alone as a parent, "Harry reportedly told her on the phone." I have to go to a reception, but I just wanted to say that you were great today with everything you are going through , and I am thinking of you."

How much influence does Duchess Meghan have?

Four months later, Harry met Meghan and Rebecca English and the prince has barely spoken a word since then. The journalist is not sure whether these two things are related, but she thinks so. Duchess Meghan, 38, attributes the reporter to the role of the catalyst in the course of the resignation. But Harry is quite capable of "removing himself from his family on his own", so they believe.

Nevertheless, she ends her article with an appeal to Harry, addressing the 35-year-old, who is currently holding the whole monarchy in suspense: "I still wouldn't swap my suburban life for his. And I understand his wish, his wife and protecting his young son more than he can ever realize. But understand, Harry, that sometimes your best friends in life are the ones who are willing to tell you when you're wrong. Whatever the consequences. "

Prince William was Harry's protector

At the same time, the reporter goes back to the argument between Harry and William. William always stood protectively in front of his brother. Also specifically between him and Rebecca English. When William met the journalist in a nightclub over a decade ago, he asked her to give his little brother a break from reporting. At the time he was just a young man in love.

English adds her touching closing remarks to this anecdote: "William took care of you back then. Can things really be so different now? will ever really understand? If you honestly think that it is better for you and your family to take a step back, do so - but don't completely delineate yourself. " She does not reveal whether Rebecca English hopes that Harry will sift through all the articles about herself again, find and read them. But that would be desirable.

Source used:Daily Mail