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The report is accessible via the Internet, as is the Spanish Government's response.
Both the report and the reply from the Spanish government can be viewed on the Internet.
The Mobile Web and Compulsory HIV Test for Malawi · Global Voices
Mobile internet and compulsory HIV test in Malawi
No stoning of US embassies; no mass internet hysteria.
No stones thrown from US embassies, no mass hysteria on the Internet.
But the internet is helping to change these rules.
However, the internet is helping to change these rules.
Pakistan: Emergency Declared- No News, No Internet. · Global Voices
Pakistan: State of Emergency- No News, No Internet
No doubt you will be able to find it on the Internet.
It will be published and undoubtedly put on the Internet.
There is also the question of Internet pornography.
And then there is the question of Internet pornography.
They are introduced to the world wide web through their schools, cybercafés and friends.
Internet cafes, friends and school introduce them to the Internet.
Some groups, nonetheless, are fighting for the global freedom of the Internet.
Nevertheless, some fight for global freedom on the Internet.