Dental floss improves gum health

Benefits of Waterpik®

Cleaning alone is not enough.

Many people suffer from gum disease, which can lead to bad breath and tooth loss, even if they brush their teeth daily.

To prevent gum disease, dentists recommend flossing the spaces between your teeth every day. However, cleaning with dental floss is complicated, time-consuming, and poses the risk of injury. Dental advice is therefore often not followed.

For this reason, Waterpik® developed the oral irrigator - a simple and more effective way to clean the interdental spaces!

  • Easy to use. Guide the attachment along the gumline and pause for a short moment after each tooth. The oral irrigator does the cleaning.
  • Fast. The oral irrigator only takes one minute a day. You improve your oral hygiene and can look forward to an incomparably clean, fresh mouthfeel.
  • Effectively. Waterpik® oral irrigators remove plaque, debris and bacteria in the spaces between the teeth and under the gumline that toothbrushes and conventional floss cannot reach.

The effectiveness of the Waterpik® Oral irrigator is clinically proven - an oral irrigator is up to 50% more effective than dental floss and up to 80% more effective than Sonicare® AirFloss at improving gum health.