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Cool hairstyles for girls

Are you dissatisfied with your hair and constantly looking for a hairstyle that really suits you? No panic! With our trend hairstyles from short hairstyle to whale mane, your favorite hairstyle is guaranteed to be included. We also have great care and styling tips for every type of hair! Here you can see an overview of all hairstyles on Mädchen.de - and of course the current looks for 2016!

You don't want to torment yourself with diets and still look a little slimmer? You can cheat yourself thinner not only with the right clothes, but also with the perfect hairstyle!

Hairstyles that make you slim

Did you know that there is a suitable hairstyle for every zodiac sign? We'll tell you which zodiac sign always needs new hair colors, likes short hair or goes to the hairdresser most often - and of course YOUR perfect oneZodiac hairstyle!

Sewing hair instead of pinning it: We checked for you what the crazy hair trend is all about, how to sew hair and show you how cool these hairstyles look!

Is there anything more annoying than when your hair is electrically charged and sticking out in all directions ?! We tell you how youflying hairs get under control and avoid the antistatic effect!

Whether you part your head left, right or in the middle is more important than you suspect - it says a lot about you and your type! The test also reveals which parting fits which face shape:Parting left or right?

Everything shines and sparkles, you already have the right outfit, but you are still missing a festive oneHairstyle for Christmas and New Years? With the cool updos, hairstyles and braided hairstyles you are guaranteed to find your favorite look!

We love invisibobbles, do you too? Then check out the cool onesinvisibobble hairstyles by hairstyle professional Jenny Strebe Educator + instructions for making it yourself!

You want to wear your hair completely differently at your next party, but you don't know which hairstyle suits you and your outfit best? The test revealswhich party hairstyle suits you best

Flying hairsIf the hair is electrically charged and protrudes in all directions, it looks stupid and is annoying. We'll tell you how to get a grip on "electric hair" and how to avoid it altogether.

You don't have much time in the morning and still don't want to go out of the house with the same 08/15 hairstyle every day? The test reveals how yoursperfect hairstyle for school looks!

After Ombré Hair and Dip Dye, there is now a color technique that is even more blatant:Color Block Hair. How do you like the new color trend?

Natural curls look great when they are neat and shiny! We'll tell you how to bring out the best in natural curls and frizzy hair and have cool tips on styling!

It's summer and you're still looking for the perfect hairstyle when it's hot? Take the test and find out which look suits you best when swimming, shopping or skating!Which summer hairstyle suits me?

Not all blonde is the same, but shimmers in many different nuances from cool ash blonde to warm honey blonde to casual dark blonde. We'll show you the looks of celebrity blondes and introduce you to cool products for real and dyed blonde hair:Blonde tones

Ombré hair is still popular with the trend hairstyles 2017, but if the transition from dark to lighter hair color is too blatant for you, there is now a cool alternative:Soft ombré, speakSombré.

Summer hairstylesshould be simple, practical and of course still cool. No problem - with the romantic, sporty and exciting hairstyles that are trendy now. These looks make summer even more beautiful!

stages bring swing and volume to your hair, regardless of whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair. We'll show you cool hairstyles and have great tips for hair withStep cut!

Updos pimp every look, whether it's a sexy party outfit, romantic dress or casual jeans. Check out the cool hairstyles + tips for pinning up long, shoulder length, straight and curly hair!

Strands set cool highlights, conjure up crazy color accents in your hair and, if you want, can be washed out quickly.Color highlights: The best tips and hairstyles!

Do you usually wear your hair the same way and would you like to try something new? No matter if youfine, thick, straight or curly hair hast: Mädchen.de shows you cool onesHairstyles for every hair type!

Which hairstyles and looks were popular in 2016? What's new in 2017? for long and medium-length hair and how do they look new short hairstyles out? Mädchen.de provides you with theTrend hairstyles 2016and the Hair color trends 2017 the star hairdressers and designers!

How you airyCurlsMagic in heavy hair how to curl thin hair to get more volume + cool styling tips for curls reveals the Garnier expert Sina Velke:Make curls

Do you prefer to wear your long hair open, but don't want to always wear the same hairstyle? No problem: girl shows you cool onesHairstyles for open hair - straight, curly, teased or in an ombré look!

You are not really happy with your hairstyle and would like to try something new? With thecorrect haircutNot only can you change your hairstyle, but you can also get the most out of your type. Take the test:Which haircut suits me?

Do you have long hair that you cherish and care for and mostly wear open? That's nice, but it can also be a bit boring at times. Let yourself be by the coolLong hairstyles to inspire!

Long or short, curly hair or sleek, blonde or brown, natural or glamorous: Stars like Katy Perry or Demi Lovato are constantly changing their look. Check the pictures of theStar girlsand vote:Which hairstyle looks better on you?

From short to long, let the pony or the steps grow out:Transitional hairstyles are often an annoying evil on the way to your (new) dream hairstyle. Check out the styling tricks of Jessie J, Ashlee Simpson & Co .: TheTransitional hairstyles of the stars

Whether retro, glamorous or stylish -Pro Series Hair stylist Karim Amerchih shows you thattrendy looks from Berlin, Cannes, Paris and New York Step by step to re-style: cool onesCity looks to re-style

Do you almost always wear the same hairstyle and want to try something new? No problem: girl shows you cool onesHairstyles for every length of hairthat look completely different every time!

You are looking for a new hairstyle for yoursmedium length hair? No problem: Stars like Ashley Olsen, Emma Stone or Vanessa Hudgens show you cool hairstyles for shoulder-length and half-length hair:Hairstyles for medium length hair

Thecorrect haircut - matching the respective hair structure and face shape - is the be-all and end-all of every hairstyle. We'll tell you what theHaircuts for short, long, fine and thick hair.

Hairbands are not only practical for taming your hair during sports or on bad hair days - they also pimp your outfit and are a stylish beauty accessory. Mädchen.de shows youcool hairbands for every taste and occasion.

You love themLooks by Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez or Pink? You can do this with our step-by-step instructionsMake star hairstyles yourself!

Thebob is a classic among hairstyles and also quite trendy in 2016. The stars love it too, from the classic page head to the A-line bob to the elegant long bob. Mädchen.de shows you the most beautiful onesBob hairstyles!

Are you looking for onegreat hairstyle for New Year's Eve or the next party? Then let yourself be inspired by the glamor hairstyles of the stars! Check the pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Watson, Victoria Justice & Co .:Party hairstyles

Dark hair, light tips or vice versa -Ombré hair ("Shadow hair") is more popular than ever with Hollywood stars! We introduce you to the cool hair trend and have tips on how you can color the look yourself:Ombré hair

Long hair or short hair - many stars are faced with this decision. Check out which celebs broke their mane and how cool most of them areShort hairstyles look:Stars with short hair

How crazyMiley Cyrusand yourHairstyles have changed since the beginning of their career: from long hair to short hairstyle, from brown to red to blonde, from natural to diva to punk. Which hairstyle do you like and which don't?Hairstyles by Miley Cyrus

These sweet onesOktoberfest hairstyles not only look great at the Munich Oktoberfest: Mädchen.de shows you cool braided hairstyles - classic, romantic, chic and extravagant:Oktoberfest hairstyles

Corinna finds her hairstyle boring, but does not want to part with her long hair.L'Oréal Professionnel Hairdresser Manfred Kraft shows how with thatcorrect cut and stylingnew momentum comes into her mane:New cut for long hair

Your friends will be amazed:Redken- Artist Marco Arena showsfour cool trend looks and of course step by step how you can do the hairstyles yourself:Make trend hairstyles yourself

Galina has decided:I need a pony!Star hairdresser Udo Walz shows step by step how the new cut completely changes her look:Have bangs cut

Do you want to dye your hair and not have any nasty surprises? Mädchen.de tells you what it is forColorations and tints arrives:Coloring hair: tips & trends

You want to know how you are moreVolume in your hair can bring? Garnier hair expert and star stylist Sina Velke shows you how it's done: Six dreamy looks to imitate + professional tips for more fullness!

A ponytail with exciting details, an airy bob or a romantic braided hairstyle: Sally Brooks - Nivea's International Hair Stylist - shows you cool onesSummer hairstyles with step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself!

There are of course a lot of hairstyles, but somehow you usually don't dare to radically change your hair, right? Dare to do it - you will be surprised how well a new look suits youHairstyles that every girl must try!

Braided hairstylesare very trendy and always look cute! L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser Anne Bergmann shows you some sophisticatedHairstyles with pigtails and of course step-by-step how to do it.

Do the curls look better on Miley Cyrus or Vanessa Hudgens? Does the pixie go better with Carey Mulligan or Emma Watson? We leave the stars inHairstyles Fight compete against each other and want to know from you:Who suits the hairstyle better?

You like the look ofKaty Perryand think your hair is cool? Then click through the gallery of the crazy, cute and colorful hairstyles of the successful singer:Hairstyles by Katy Perry

Are you looking for a cool oneHairstyle for your confirmation or another festive occasion? Whether it's an elegant updo, cute ponytail, braided hairstyle or romantic curls - you are guaranteed to find your favorite hairstyle here:Hairstyles for confirmation

Always wearing long hair open is boring. Mädchen.de shows you cool onesUpdos - of course with step by step instructions for each hairstyle:Make updos yourself

Tatiana wanted to be a blonde one day. No problem, girls make dreams come true and color professional Stefan Paulidyed her brown hair blonde! You can see how and what is important here:Dye hair blonde

Which hairstyle goes with my hat? We'll show you 5 hairstyles that you can easily make yourself - and that also sit nicely when you take off your hatHairstyles for hats

Hairstyles with braids are romantic, casual or really chic - depending on which braided hairstyle you choose. Mädchen.de shows you the most beautiful onesBraided hairstyles - of course with step by step instructions for braiding!

It's amazing how the hairstyles of Beyoncé and Heidi Klum have changed over the years! We show youold and new star hairstylesand want to know which ones you like better:Star hairstyles then & now

Stars like Rihanna, Pink or Lena like to change theirsHair color and present themselves today with blond hair, tomorrow with brown hair and the day after tomorrow with red hair. How do you like it better?The hair colors of the stars

What is aPixie, aFrench plait or onebanana? Prove how well you know your hairstyle in the hairstyle quiz!What is this hairstyle called?

Ashley Greene, Nina Dobrev or Blake Lively - they all have their hair long and straight. Check thelong hair of the stars

You wouldn't have your long hair cut for anything in the world? Not for money? For your dream figure? Or a date with Robert Pattinson? Be honest:Would you cut your hair for that?

Long hair is boring? Nope! We show youeight different hairstyleswith which you look completely different every time - and of course how you can easily achieve the cool looks yourself!1 haircut = 8 hairstyles

Hairstyles with bangs are and will remain trendy - even with the stars! Whether Lena Gercke, Emma Stone or Taylor Swift, whether straight or sloping, whether short pony or long pony: Here are the cute and cool onesStar bangs hairstyles

Do you fancy a new hairstyle? Then let theHair trends 2016 to inspire! Mädchen.de shows you what is trendy for short, medium-length and long hair!The new hair trends in spring

Red hair are cool - regardless of whether they are colored natural red or red. We'll show you which stars with red hair are making a career and how you can become a redhead yourself in no time at all:Red hair like the stars

The stars love thatUndone look: Cool hairstyles that look casual and unstyled. We'll show you how to get a sloppy ponytail, braid or bun in no time at all:Cool hairstyles: casual & unstyled

Lots of volume, soft waves and wild curls are with themTrend hairstyles 2016 hip - and there is something for everyone, whether you have short, shoulder-length or long hair. Check thenew hairstyles the star hairdressers and designers!

Braids go just as well with romantic floral dresses as they do with jeans and checked shirts. It doesn't always have to be a simple braid on the back of the head. Girl shows you seven cool onesHairstyles with braidsthat you can easily braid yourself - regardless of whether you have half-length or long hair.

Hardly any other singer changes her hairstyle as often as Rihanna - apart from Lady Gaga. We show youRihanna hairstyles from the past five years - from the long hair at Rihanna's breakthrough in 2005 to her stark hairstyles today:Hairstyles Rihanna

Casual, playful or rasped: this summer, romantic hairstyles for long hair and cool short hairstyles are equally popular. We'll show you the new onesTrend hairstyles - to imitate and as a suggestion next time at the hairdresser:The most beautiful hairstyles in summer

Simple braid, French braid or herringbone braid - braids are real little works of art on your head. Braiding is not that difficult - if you know how to do it. We'll show you step by step how the most popularPigtail hairstyles to be braided:to weave braids - that's the right way to do it ...

Feathers, rhinestones, flowers, crowns and even Coke cans - amazing what Lady Gaga, Ashley Greene or Mischa Barton wear in their hair! Check the gallery of theStars with crazy hair accessories and get inspired for your next party hairstyle!

All your hair up! Cool ones pile up on the heads of the star beautiesBuns and knots. Girl shows you how you can easily re-style the looks yourself:Knots, buns & Co.

You wantshiny hair - naturally? No problem:Natural tricks for shiny, beautiful hair

In short: Mädchen.de presents youShort cut looks of the star hairdressers and professionals. Be inspired: short hairstyles -this is the trend at the hairdresser

Wild manes, romantic curls and diva waves Hollywood-style are trendy. Girl shows you 5 cool hairstyles - and of course, how you can easily re-style them:Hairstyles with curls

Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or Katy Perry love it lured: We'll show you whichCurls hairstyles look really great and who looks more like mop:Stars with curls

You prefer to wear one as your hairstylePonytail? Then we will now show you many great ways to vary your ponytail - from ultra-casual to elegant, there is sure to be something for every taste!Ponytail: Cool hairstyles with a ponytail

At Mädchen.de you had the chance to become a hair stylist and"Top Cut" winner Dennis Creuzberg ask a question about hairstyles, styling, and hair care. We picked ten out of the tons of questions - and here are Dennis' answers:Hairstyles & Styling: Dennis' answers to your questions!

2016 areshort hair more trendy than ever. Kurz is cool, feminine and sexy! We present you the new looks of the star hairdressers and Prof. Get inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser:Short hairstyles - the trend at the hairdresser

It's stylish - but not easy to use: Thepony. We'll show you how to do itBangs stylingdo it perfectly! Heidi Klum made this trend socially acceptable:Mädchen.de shows you the most beautifulLong bangs hairstyles in the gallery.

You'd like to have one againnew hairstyle? Then let yourself be inspired: We present you the trend hairstyles for 2017. From classic to daring, your dream hairstyle is sure to be there too. However, before visiting the hairdresser you should make sure that your desired hairstyle also fits your face shape! We'll tell you what goes with a round, oval, square or heart-shaped face shape:The right hairstyle for every face shape.

Short haircuts are as popular as they haven't been for a long time. BothShort hairstyles of the stars you will find great inspirations and ideas that you would like to have your hair cut for. Can it be a bit shorter? Then it isPixie cut just the thing for you! We'll show you the trendy XS look and tell you how to style the cheeky short haircut perfectly.

in the mood forlong hair in the blink of an eye? Your friends are guaranteed to be amazed when you suddenly meet oneXL mane or brightly colored strands come to school. Because now there are cool onesExtensions and hair extensionsthat you can easily get for little moneyclip elber in your hair can. We'll show you how to do it!

Can't part with your long hair, but would like to try a new hairstyle? For examplecute braids? They are a great alternative to the classicPonytail - and go just as fast! We'll tell you what else you can do with a hair tie: Trendy hairstyles with a hair tie. Whether short or long hair: WithHair clips conjure up a cool trend look in no time at all.

You will also really attract attention with colorful scarves that you tie into your hair! Fancy more romantic hairstyles?Mädchen.deshows you playful looks with which you will surprise everyone anew every day. Even with oneHair band can you look greatSummer hairstyles conjure:1 headband - 6 looks!