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From the niche to the mainstream: Why sustainable investments are booming
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RWE is also making the transition from brown to green because it has no other choice.

It is a little easier for the startup industry because they can position themselves sustainably from the outset. The German Startup Monitor 2020 determines that more than 43 percent of young German companies belong to the “Green Economy”. About the same number see themselves as having a special responsibility as social entrepreneurs. With its new accelerator program, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt relies on precisely these companies: startups that bring economy and ecology together. As with the Norrsken Fund, the SDGs are also used here.

And so the pioneers of exotic species become role modelsas the Handelsblatt defines it: companies that started their business long before the trend towards "Green Economy" to a sustainable business have aligned. These pioneers did not first need pressure from politics and society and "Climate Pioneers" proven.

This includes companies such as Rinovasol, which recondition photovoltaic modules and thus significantly extend their useful life. This makes the generation of renewable energies even more sustainable and, above all, significantly cheaper, so that green electricity becomes affordable worldwide.

Like a Jäderberg & Cie that not only saves a valuable tree from extinction with its Sandalwood Investments, but also contributes to climate protection together with large institutional investors such as the Harvard University Foundation, the United Arab Emirates’s largest sovereign wealth fund and the Church of England.

Like reconcept, which has been connecting new energy projects with investors for over 20 years and has implemented more than 230 renewable energy systems with an installed capacity of 370 megawatts during this time.

And like the Vereinte Energiegenossenschaft eG, which creates the conditions for a decentralized green energy supply without subsidies. 24 efficient block-type thermal power stations, three photovoltaic systems, a wind turbine, two LED projects and its own green electricity tariff testify to the success.


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