What makes the iPhone X so expensive

Comment: The iPhone X is revolutionary, but simply too expensive in Germany.

Stephan Wiesend

The new iPhone X is for sure the best iPhone Apple has ever built. The device is compulsory for iOS developers and early adopters, but the euro price including Apple Care is too high.

EnlargeThe iPhone X is for sure the best iPhone Apple has ever made.

Since the appearance of the great iPhone 6, the new iPhone X is Apple's first truly new model. The author likes it very much, it's not as big as the iPhone Plus, but still has enough screen space for PDFs and videos. The two cameras with wide-angle and telephoto are now obviously good enough to do without compact cameras and system cameras. The small indentation for the sensors is less ugly than feared, and maybe even gives the iPhone a bit of character - a bit like a gap in a tooth. An iPhone is also not just a cell phone, but a real luxury that you should treat yourself to occasionally. For iOS developers, the new iPhone X is a must anyway. The new AR technologies will not only be reserved for the top model and should soon revolutionize mobile computing - AR is so much more than small animated emojis. Plus, when you pull your iPhone out of your pocket, you can finally feel as if you are at the forefront of technological development.

So why not What is keeping the author from buying is the feeling that they are doing a bad deal right now. If you select the desired model in the Apple Store, for example the 64 GB model, you can see the high price of 1149 euros. This is steep enough even for Apple fans who are keen to consume, as the odd amount of 1149 euros is psychologically difficult to accept. It is not without reason that the new iPhone in the US costs $ 999 or $ 49.91 per month via the iPhone Upgrade Program. But what moves not only the author to cancel the purchase: The Apple Care, also listed as an option, costs another 229 euros for the iPhone X, which brings the total to a sobering 1378 euros, a bit like the donkey and the carrot. Incidentally, there are 1548 for the top model. Apple Care is particularly recommended for the iPhone X: A damaged OLED display is really expensive and an iPhone X can also fall to the floor quickly. The iPhone Upgrade Program, on the other hand, already includes Apple Care. The consequence: the acquisition will be postponed for a few months. A few months after the start of sales, prices will also fall and the iPhone X will be available for 900 euros by spring at the latest. The iPhone X is also so expensive because the components used are still extremely expensive. Patient people should perhaps wait for the next iPhone generation, which will offer functions such as OLED and Face ID even more cheaply - and which is completely free of any teething problems. Then there will be lots of apps that take full advantage of the new AR functions of the iPhone.

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