What is a 30 day plan

30 day challenge - Paleo360 ° Challenge

Now with the Paleo 30 day challenge start: Long-term health, fitness and physical wellbeing to reach. Our Paleo360 ° Challenge supplements the pure change in diet (“Stone Age diet”) to include exercise, sleep and stress management. The consistent conversion to the Paleo Lifestyle for a whole month guarantees maximum success and the best results.

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30 day challenge - Paleo nutrition & lifestyle

EAT. MOVE. SLEEP. FEEL. Four areas, four simple rules, can be implemented by everyone. The challenge lasts at least 30 days. This is the time when you really feel the first positive changes. The change in diet, in particular, takes time. So be patient. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a longer challenge for even better results.

The Paleo Basics:


EAT real food

WHY?Avoid harmful ingredients and nutrient-poor "fattening foods". Provide your body with all the important nutrients through the Paleo diet. Find the optimal diet for you in the long term.

WHAT? Yourself feed according to the Paleo rules: Eat vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and healthy fats. Avoid grains, dairy products, sugar, legumes, and highly processed vegetable fats.

Do you need help with cooking during your 30 day challenge? Get the 30 day nutrition plan.

MOVE naturally

WHY? Our bodies are designed for movement. A healthy mixture of strength and endurance training and easy exercise has a positive influence on body, mind and soul and offers you a balance to our physically inactive everyday life today.

WHAT? Move Paleo: Exercise every day during the 30 day challenge. Do either one intense workoutthat is appropriate to your level of ability (at least 15 minutes), or loose movement (at least 30 minutes). You should "switch" to loose movement for a day between two intensive workouts, as the body needs time to regenerate. You achieve strength and endurance through CrossFit®, running, climbing, MovNat®, weight lifting, training with your own body weight, rowing ... For easy movement you can go for a walk, hike, cycle relaxed, swim etc.

SLEEP to recover

WHY? Our body needs sufficient restful sleep for optimal body functions, regeneration, long-term health and performance.

WHAT? Sleeping Paleo: Set yourself enough time during the 30 day challenge so that you Sleep for at least 7 1⁄2 hours can. Depending on your needs and physical activity, more.

FEEL your instincts

WHY? Eliminating everyday stress, switching off and following our natural needs and instincts is a central element of physical and mental health.

WHAT? Relaxing Paleo: Spend time during the 30 day challenge at least one hour a day "quality time" with pleasant, relaxing activities, e.g. reading, spending time with friends, partner or family, meditating, knitting, making music, handicrafts, cooking ... and relax as often as possible outside in the fresh air in nature.

30 day challenge - we support you!

With our 30 day challenge email support. We appeal to your perseverance every day. You get from us daily motivation, lists, plans, information and the necessary (virtual) kick in the buttocks. And it works! You can also expect one or two surprises in the e-mails, so that it is guaranteed not to be boring.

The best: You decide when the program starts. Buy today, get all the important information about preparation and then start the next week with a “click”.

4 areas at once are too much for you? No problem! You can also start with the pure change in diet ("Paleo Diet") and hide the other areas, our support e-mails allow that too. The challenge is also included in the premium package.

If your goal is to lose weight or to improve autoimmune diseases, then take a look at our weight loss support or the autoimmune protocol support.

The points system for the 30 day challenge

Completing the 30-day challenge (Paleo360 ° Challenge) with two, three or in a large team not only increases the chance of staying on the ball in the long term, but above all is a lot of fun. It helps many to note their status every day. Numbers don't lie and at the end of the month you have an honest overview. This in turn increases motivation and reduces the days with Paleo missteps of any kind - diet, lack of sleep or exercise - to a minimum.

So that the participants can compare themselves with each other, we have developed a points system suitable for the Paleo360 ° challenge. The goal: to motivate the participants, to make the success measurable and to spark group dynamics.


Who won?

At the end of the challenge you can determine the winner based on points. Maybe you even agreed a small price at the beginning? Regardless of who is on top at the end, of course everyone has their personal goals that they set at the beginning of the challenge. Be it overcoming the lunchtime low, weight reduction or better blood values: everyone evaluates for themselves - in addition to the points system - how close they have come to their individual goals after the 30-day challenge.

This is how it works: For each area, EAT - MOVE - SLEEP - FEEL, each participant can give himself a certain number of points per day. The maximum number of points per day is 11, with the optional PLUS Challenge 12.


a maximum of 5 points / day

Completely according to the Paleo rules eaten: 5 points

Minor offense: -1 point each

Serious violation: 0 points for the whole day

Why? We don't want every violation to immediately lead to 0 points, because the whole thing should motivate you and in some situations it is extremely difficult to eat 100% Paleo. Deduct yourself one point for each minor or hard-to-avoid violation. At least you will be rewarded for your good intentions and at the end of such an "unsafe" day you will have more than 0 points.

Examples of minor breaches:

  • Steak seared in sunflower oil in the restaurant
  • Salad sauce contains sugar
  • Coconut milk contains additives

However, if you consciously eat from the "no-go" category, you have decided against your health and lose all points for that day.

Examples of serious violations:

  • Cola or beer
  • Pizza, pasta or rolls
  • Cake, Snickers and other sweets


a maximum of 2 points / day

Every day a intense workout for at least 15 minutes or easy movement for at least 30 minutes: 2 points (exception: shorter, but highly intensive CrossFit® workouts also count)

Not reachablet: 0 points


a maximum of 2 points / day

Last night more than 7 1⁄2 hours to sleep: 2 points
That also counts: 7 hours at night + 1⁄2 hour nap: 2 points

7 to 7 1⁄2 hours to sleep: 1 point
Less than 7 hours to sleep: 0 points


a maximum of 2 points / day

Min. 1 hour "Quality Time" / day: 2 points
Not achieved: 0 points


maximum 1 point / day (optional)

Extra challenge of your choice fulfilled: 1 point
Not achieved: 0 points

Why? Teams that have special goals or enjoy additional challenges can agree on an extra challenge, e.g. climbing stairs every day, taking a caffeine break, meditating, taking a cold shower or stretching.

Challenge downloads & documents

With the 30 day challenge you can change your life. In order to give you the best possible support, we have made the most important documents available for you to download here.

Your personal point plan

The point system of the Paleo360 ° Challenge is intended to increase motivation and ensure that you do not become careless. You can compare yourself with friends or colleagues and thus create an exciting competition. The personal scoring plan offers you a template to write down your points personally for you. You can of course compare it with your challenge partners in between.

to print


The scoring plan for teams

Larger teams often want to view and edit all members and their scores in a large document. That's exactly why we have it Scoring plan for teams created. In one Excel document you can note down all members and daily scores. It is calculated automatically. AND: If you want your colleagues to enter their points themselves online, you can submit the template at Google Sheets upload and invite your team.

Edit in Excel or Google Sheets


Ideas for your PLUS challenge

EAT, MOVE, SLEEP and FEEL are not enough for you? Do you still need one or the other challenge that you can implement during the challenge? Let our list inspire you.


Your personal target template

Are you pursuing certain goals with the challenge? Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, increase fitness or improve your health. Never lose sight of your goals with the goal template and track your progress.

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Your weekly planner

The Paleo360 ° Challenge requires good preparation if you want to persevere in a stressful everyday life. The weekly planner helps you plan each week in advance, making your daily Paleo routine easier.

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Paleo standard shopping list

The template for your bulk purchase. All frequently used Paleo foods in one handy shopping list. Just print it out, mark what you need and off you go to the supermarket / weekly market / health food store.

More exotic ingredients that you might order online or that you need to go to a specialty store for are not listed here. The shopping list should help you with your standard weekly shopping.

Tip: We always print it out several times and have it in the kitchen. So you can mark directly when something is going bad.

to print


Consequences of the changeover

For many people, the paleo diet is a big change and comes with some (side effects). Which? Our list tells you that. But don't worry, it's not that bad.


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