Why are movie fight scenes so bad

The best shark movie ever?

Now a shark is swimming across the country's cinema screens again. No, not just an ordinary shark. A megalodon, a species of shark that has actually been extinct for millions of years, has escaped its home below the Mariana Trench and is a haunt of all water sports enthusiasts in the area. And so it comes back to the classic film fight man versus shark.

"We're going to need a bigger boat"

Roy Scheider clarifies this in view of the large fish in "The Jaws". But the fear of the depths of the sea has not only been around since Steven Spielberg's classic. As early as 1936, the animals - actually rather shy and often threatened - spread fear and terror in the Australian film "White Death".

Since then, many generations of fictional shark personalities have followed suit, always on the lookout for fresh human flesh. Whether you meet them floating in the open sea, forgotten from the excursion boat, in a shark cage, in the shark research station or even on land at a so-called "Sharknado", it doesn't end well for either the people involved or the sharks. But it is always good entertainment. And another plus on these hot days: A shark film like this is extremely refreshing. But which film is the best? Vote!

Which shark films do you need to add? Which movie shark is the scariest? Share your movie recommendations in the forum! (aan, 08/20/2018)