What is restarting the 90210 about

"90210": Teens restart in L.A.

With twins Brandon and Brenda, who moved to L.A. from Minnesota, we got to know the complex world of the rich kids from Beverly Hills in the 1990s. The mother of all teenage soaps lived to be almost 300 episodes, Kelly, Donna and Dylan were the names of the characters whose exciting growth was witnessed at Fox for ten years.

The second "Beverly Hills" spin-off, after "Melrose Place", is said to benefit from the series' great success: simply called "90210" (the famous zip code is still well known to fans from the 90s), this remains the case after being particularly close to the mothership. Again a family from the province (this time: Kansas) moves to the sunny state on the west coast. Siblings Annie and Dixon have yet to blend in with the intrigue-rich world of the local high school. Only mocked as a peasant girl, Annie soon arouses a lot of envy when she promptly lands on the cast list while auditioning for the school musical. And after catching oral sex with her summer love, Ethan, she even goes out with the richest guy in school!

First broadcast on the Canadian broadcaster Global last September, 90210 is now entering its second season after 22 episodes. Sales to international broadcasters also went very quickly: ProSieben starts this Saturday, April 18 (5:05 p.m.), ORF 1 will follow a week later (April 25, 4:35 p.m.). German-speaking fans are looking forward to the guest appearances of the old stars Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. (ih, DER STANDARD; print edition, April 18/19, 2009)