Why is my dryer burning my clothes

What can cause clothes with tiny burns or burn marks to come out of the dryer?

I have a pretty standard Hotpoint electric tumble dryer that usually works as expected, drying clothes, venting the damp air from the side panel, and using a lint trap to drain any load.

However, in the past few months I have seen a few shirts with tiny (1 to 2mm) burn marks and I am a little amazed at the cause.

I can't find any marks on the drum or door seal, and there doesn't seem to be anything that looks burned in the lint trap.

I can't find this symptom anywhere with a quick google. Does anyone know what could be causing this or another area that I should investigate to diagnose the problem?


Can you add some pictures of the burn marks?

ChrisF ♦

Have you cleaned all the lint traps and checked that the exhaust vent is not blocked?

Rory Alsop

I'll try to get an idea of ​​one of the burns later today, and yes - the lint trap goes out before each load and the exhaust vent is clear (well, I can't see through the full length of the pipe, but there is a significant one Airflow - will try to remove it later for review)

BMitch ♦

I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but you should probably state if it's electricity or gas.

Rory Alsop

yup - electric. Updated.

Fiasco laboratories

Open the front panel under the door and vacuum out the lint. It collects in the case and parts are drawn into the air heating elements and blown into the drum. Since this material has nothing to do with the lint trap, it will accumulate as it slowly moves through the felt drum seal.

You may have a potentially dangerous situation here. Any other materials that get into the closet are also vacuumed and blown through the heating elements (glowing coils), essentially turning them into glowing embers.

The air heater has a thermal limit switch which is intended to interrupt the power supply to the elements in the event of overheating. This type of overheating browns large areas, not precisely.

Make this cleaning job a six-month or yearly scheduled event.

Rory Alsop

That sounds just right. After just looking through a slightly raised panel, I can see a small amount of lint lying around, so I vacuumed what I can. I'll probably take off the case at the front to get to the awkward corners as well.


It could also be that the front drum is sliding on your model. Over time, they will wear out and cause the drum to sit lower than it should, pinching your clothing between the drum and the case. The "burn marks" are actually / likely the result of clothing rubbing against the felt pad that surrounds the drum.

I went through just that last week and after swapping out the drum glides for $ 30 I was back in business with no scorch marks.


The front of the dryer has strips of foam that will scorch over time. This is where the drum meets the front panel. I've found that they last about 4 years and then need to be replaced. They're not difficult to replace and cost around $ 60 to ship.