Will HRT change my face

Heidelberg retinal atomograph, HRT

How does the investigation work?

A laser camera creates three-dimensional images of the optic nerve head and a computer evaluates the approx. 147,000 measuring points. The optic nerve and retina are not stressed. The results of the measurement are saved and can thus be quantitatively compared with subsequent measurements using a computer. Even minor changes can thus be made visible.

  The tomography is painless and harmless and takes about 10 minutes

The recordings are made with completely harmless Laser beams carried out, there is no impairment of vision. The measurement results are then individually processed by us (i.e. under Consideration of all clinical findings) assessed and discussed with you.


How often should the papillary tomography
be performed?

The examination provides information as to whether the optic nerve head is currently still normal or abnormally changed. If there is no suspicion of rapid deterioration, one is usually sufficient Check-up after approx. 1-2 years to assess whether therapy is necessary or whether an existing therapy needs to be changed. The distances between the measurements are determined individually. If you change doctors, you should always take the original measurement data with you! (Talk to us about it if necessary.)

HRT is not a substitute for visual field examinations and eye pressure measurements

The function of the optic nerve is checked during the visual field examination. With the HRT measurement, an exact recording of the condition of the optic nerve head is made (morphology). So it will be Additional Information won. The HRT measurement is an important addition to the ophthalmological examination. It is only useful in connection with the ophthalmological examination!