Why does Maradona hate Messi

Reactions to the death of Maradona: "Thank you for the joy you have given the world"

SSC Napoli (long-time Maradona club):
"Forever in our hearts. There are no words to describe our pain. Now is the time to mourn. Ciao Diego."

Boca Juniors Buenos Aires (former Maradona Club):
"Eternal thanks, eternal Diego."

FC Barcelona (former Maradona club):
"FC Barcelona expresses its condolences over the death of an icon of world football. Rest in peace, Diego!"

Argentine Football Association:
"On behalf of the Argentine Football Association, President Claudio Tapia expresses the deep sorrow over the death of our legend Diego Armando Maradona. You will always be in our hearts."

Alberto Fernandez (President of Argentina):
"You brought us to the top of the world. You made us very happy. You were the greatest of them all. Thank you for being there, Diego. We will miss you for a lifetime."

Pelé (Brazilian football icon):
"What sad news. I've lost a good friend, the world is a legend. Hopefully one day we can play together in heaven."

Lionel Messi (six-time world footballer):
"A sad day for all Argentines and for football. It goes, but does not leave us entirely, because Diego is immortal. I will keep all the good moments with him and send my condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace."

Cristiano Ronaldo (five-time world footballer):
"Today I say goodbye to a friend and the world says goodbye to an eternal genius. One of the best forever. An incomparable magician. He leaves too soon but leaves a legacy without limits and a void that cannot be filled is. Rest in peace, ace. You will never be forgotten. "

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden's football superstar from AC Milan):
"Maradona is not dead, he is immortal. God has given us the most gifted footballer of all time. He will live forever and ever."

Kylian Mbappe (French international):
"Rest in peace, legend. You will forever be in the history books of football. Thank you for the joy you have given the world."

Carles Puyol (former Spanish World and European Champion):
"Rest in peace, my friend. A big hug to his family and to the Argentine people."

Romario (soccer world champion with Brazil 1994):
"My friend has left. Maradona, the legend! The Argentine who conquered the world not only with the ball on his foot, but also with his joy and unique personality. I've said it a couple of times: From the players, I've seen in the field, he was the best. "

Andrea Pirlo (World Champion 2006):
"The god of football is gone. Thank you Diego!"

Herbert Prohaska (Austria's footballer of the century on ORF):
"In my time, Napoli played against relegation, with Maradona Napoli won two championships. And he made Argentina world champions, an incredible player. You just admired him as an opponent. He was a player who could do everything, a genius . "

Gary Lineker (ex-striker from England):
"By far the best player of my generation and arguably the greatest of all time. After a blessed but troubled life he will hopefully find comfort in the hands of God. #RipDiego."

Cesar Luis Menotti (former Argentina coach):
"I'm devastated, I can't believe it, it's awful."

Rafael Nadal (20-time Grand Slam champion):
"Today the world of sports, and that of football in particular, feels a great emptiness. Maradona was one of the greatest athletes in history. What he did for football remains. My deepest condolences to his family, the football world and all of Argentina."

Corrado Ferlaino (former club owner SSC Napoli):
"You can't ask geniuses to live like normal people."

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Chief Executive Officer Bayern Munich):
"With Diego Maradona one of the greatest footballers in history has passed away. I had the honor of playing against him: three years in Serie A and with the German national team in the 1986 World Cup final. I'm proud to have him on the field Diego Maradona won everything there was to be won - and last but not least the hearts of everyone who loves the beauty of football. "

Aleksander Ceferin (UEFA President):
"I am saddened by the death of Diego Maradona, one of the greatest footballers in the world. At first I wished him all the best, now this news is quite a shock to me."

Pep Guardiola (Manchester City manager):
"There was a banner in Argentina, I read that a year ago. It said, 'Whatever you've done with your life, Diego, what's important is what you've done for our life.' I think that is a perfect expression of what this guy gave us. That fun and joy and dedication to world football. He made the world of football better. "

Michel Platini (European soccer champion with France in 1984 and former UEFA President):
"Technically, he had everything: left foot, control, shot and was also very lively. To avoid the 'iron feet' on the pitch in the 1970s and 80s, you'd better be very, very lively, and he was a dribbler too . He dribbled, dribbled, dribbled. "

Press reviews:


O Globo:
"A genius in football, a life beyond the game. The star was the perfect symbol of the complex human existence, an incomparable personality."

Folha de Sao Paulo:
"Hero, genius, politician, pop star, sick person and soccer player: Diego Maradona didn't have to die to become a myth."


The Guardian: "Maradona was a perfect representation of the human ability to be contradicting, ugly and beautiful at the same time to convey (...). Without question, gifted and a genius according to every definition of the term, Maradona developed an almost superhuman ability to do that with the ball do what great artists do with a brush or composers do with music. "

Daily Mail: "A genius on the pitch, a flawed idol beyond - Diego Maradona rose from the poverty of the slums of Buenos Aires to become one of the greatest of all time, despite controversy at every turn."

The Telegraph: "As a player, let alone as a man who lived a gloomy life epic, he was sui generis and conjured up a magic that no one could surpass. It is tempting to draw parallels over generations, but Maradona does best as a flaming peculiarity to be celebrated. "


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
"Between genius and madness. The football world has to say goodbye to one of its greatest players: Diego Armando Maradona died at the age of only 60. (...) World champion, serial champion, UEFA Cup winner, national coach, doping Sinner, failed TV presenter and cocaine junkie all in one - actually way too much for a single life. "

Southgerman newspaper:
"The foot of God (...) The most human of the gods. The fallible genius: Few people have filled as many fundamentally different chapters in their vita as Diego Armando Maradona. For years the Argentine wandered between heaven and hell."

The world:
"God is dead! Diego Maradona was a genius, a maniac, an addict - and for his fans only 'D10S', 'God'. Now he has died."

The daily mirror:
"The divine. Ingenious, crazy, tragic - Diego Maradona was a person of contradictions."


Gazzetta dello Sport:
"Football mourns the greatest of all time."

Corriere dello Sport:
"Maradona Adieu! The world weeps for the god of football."

"The world mourns the genius of football. But like all legends, Maradona will live forever."

Corriere della Sera:
"Ciao Diego, you are the football! He didn't succeed in the last dribble: A heart attack defeated the" Pibe de Oro ", who turned 60 25 days ago."

La Repubblica:
"How much life in a lifetime. How many times had Diego Maradona lost himself? Once you've been Maradona, what else can you become in life?"

Il Messaggero:
"The death of a god: the world is losing a football king with a Neapolitan heart."


"He was a true football virtuoso: In his best moments, Diego Maradona could make us doubt the rules of physics, even our own death. His dribbles, his deception and his slaloms terrified the opponents. Scientists seriously expressed the suspicion that his center of gravity was lower than normal, and the great Latin American writer Eduardo Galeano once stated that 'Maradona has eyes all over his body'. (...) When he played football he was supernatural, when he did not standing on the field, all of his human weaknesses awoke: drugs, alcohol, bulimia, call girls and other obsessions overcame his talent too quickly. "


"Forever and ever, Diego. The football legend dies of cardiac arrest. Maradona is dead. Argentina weeps for Diego, Naples weeps for Diego. The whole soccer planet is in shock."

"Maradona is dead. The world is touched. A tragedy for Argentina, where Diego was a mass idol. Maradona, who for many was the best player of all time, has passed away. The emptiness he leaves cannot be measured. "

"Maradona passed away! Today even the ball is crying. Diego died at home, he could not overcome his health problems. The legend leaves its mark on his inimitable footballing quality. Maradona was and remains a god in Argentina and Naples."

El Mundo Deportivo:
"Maradona has died. The 60-year-old legend dies a few days after he was operated on. Maradona: A life like a movie. The world is in shock because of Maradona's demise. Adios Maradona. Despite all the wrongdoings he may have had, have him many admired and liked. "

"Maradona dies at the age of 60. The worst news came out shortly after 5:00 pm. Cardiac arrest has killed the idol of millions of people. Unfortunately, it is a reality: the world of football is in grief."

El Mundo:
"Maradona is dead. The eternal number 10, world champion in Mexico 1986, died this Wednesday at the age of 60 due to a heart attack. It was always a pleasure to see him play. His legend will live on.


Berner Zeitung:
"Oh Maradona! The Argentine has led many lives - one as perhaps the most brilliant footballer of all and also many unhealthy ones. (...) Perhaps it is his greatest achievement that he has become so old in the first place. He not only has many lives lived, he has lived many unhealthy lives. Also in Argentina they say: a cat has seven lives, but at Maradona they stopped counting.

The New Zurich Times:
"Diego Maradona had a career like landing on the moon." (sid, APA; 11/26/2020)