Why did August Ames commit suicide

August Ames (23): suicide drama about porn star

August Ames made 270 pieces of porn

The native Canadian worked in the porn industry for four years. During this time she made more than 270 films, won two Adult Video News Awards. Various US media reported the death of the famous porn actress, citing the local police. August Ameswas apparently found lifeless in her home in Camarillo, California, USA.



Husband of August Ames: "She was the nicest person I have ever met"

She was the nicest person I ever met and she just meant everything to me

told her Husband Kevin Moorewho confirmed the sad news to the AVN portal.

The last Instagram picture posted by August Ames three days ago - shortly afterwards, she was dead.


Homophobia Shitstorm after Twitter entry

Her death was preceded by a tweet by the 23-year-old that triggered a shit storm. Reason: She had canceled a shoot with a male actor who had previously also starred in gay porn.



She explained her cancellation with concern for her health and made it clear that she was not homophobic:

I am NOT homophobic. A lot of women just don't film with men who have already done gay porn - for health reasons. Like me. I don't put my body at risk because I don't know what you are doing in your private life.



"I decide who I want in my body"

When the homophobia allegations persisted, Ames appeared last hit, tweeted an emotional post:

I don't have to justify anything. Should I apologize for taking extra steps to protect my body? Fuck you guys who attack me when I have no bad intentions. I love the gay community. But I DECIDE who I want in my body. No hate please.



From her very last tweet on December 5, only resignation speaks: "Fuck you all."



August Ames' cause of death: was it suicide?

The exact Cause of death is not yet known. According to the British newspaper "The Sun" However, the forensic doctors could not determine any external influences. If so, it seems Suicide probably.

It is unclear whether the only early twenties took her own life because of the hostility on the Internet. In an interview with "The Blast" is also said to have told Ames that she was underdepressions suffer.

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