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The 10 most common Types of atoms in the earth's shell
Earth envelope = earth crust + lithosphere + atmosphere + hydrosphere + biosphere

positionAtomic typeMass fraction
number of
known minerals
1oxygen 50,0 *)1221
2Silicon 25,8377
3aluminum 7,6268
4iron 4,7170
5Calcium 3,4194
6sodium 2,6100
7potassium 2,443
8magnesium 1,9105
9hydrogen 0,9798
10titanium 0,430
*) Data estimated and other sources taken into account: The figures vary depending on the source [4] [7] [21]

Explanations for the classification of the occurrence of the elements
Mass fraction%
very often
more than 1%
Silicon, aluminum, iron
0.1% to 1%
Hydrogen, titanium, chlorine
relatively often
0.01% to 0.1%
Chrome, nickel, zinc
less often0.01% to 0.001%
Copper, lead, lanthanum
0.001% to 0.00001%
Uranium, silver, germanium
very rare
less than 0.00001%
Gold, platinum, plutonium

The frequency refers to the percentage in the earth's envelope. It only says something about availability as a raw material to a limited extent. Some metals are used much more frequently than others. It should also be noted that some metals are much more difficult to mine than others.

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