Is there a homeopathic drug for COPD


Classical homeopathy goes back to the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He assumed that like things could be healed with like things. According to this, the basic substances from which homeopathic medicines are made should trigger symptoms that are as similar as possible to the disease to be treated. Since this would hardly be beneficial for the condition of a sick person, the corresponding substances are administered as very dilute solutions or very diluted on sugar balls (globules). With a large part of the common products, this dilution is so high that, according to the laws of chemistry, not a single active ingredient molecule can be present in the solution or the globule. According to the homeopathic concept, however, the "information" of the medicinal substance is transferred to the solvent.

A homeopathic medicine has to be individually tailored to the patient according to the classic approach. Homeopaths, naturopaths or doctors with additional training therefore have a long anamnesis discussion with their patients. This will give you as much details as possible about the personality of those affected and the symptoms of the disease. Based on this information, homeopaths choose one or more drugs. In another, less individualized variant of homeopathy, the choice of drug depends solely on the diseased organ and the type of disease. Some users also use complex remedies, combinations of homeopathic medicines.