What are mini blinds made of

Roller blinds fastening methods: open construction, closed box construction, installation on plastic windows without drilling. Installation of mini roller blinds.

Beautiful curtains on the windows - this is the logical addition to the interior. But to use heavy, traditional curtains and tulle in a stylish modern solution - today it is not necessary, they can be successfully replaced with roller analogues, which in combination with elegant plastic windows will look quite relevant, especially since roller blinds do not buy in Kiev at all Problem. The main thing is to make the right choice, but in order not to be wrong, read this article.

Roller blinds and their properties

According to their name, roller blinds must be equipped with a special mechanism that ensures their conversion into clean rollers. Of course, many places such models do not occupy the curtains. Take measurements and determine the required width of the curtain fabric is not difficult at all, to the width of the existing double-glazed windows you need to add 2-4 cm, it is necessary to determine whether the blinds will not interfere with the new curtains.

Roll-up curtains - this is not just a selection of options that will help protect the room from sunlight, with a well-chosen shade, they:

  • will help revitalize the color scheme of the room,
  • curtains, which are made up of several panels of different colors and placed on different levels, give the interior an originality,
  • monochrome, pastel tones - emphasize the calm, cozy atmosphere of the room for rest.

Installation of roller blinds can be carried out in a room for any purpose, such as in the gardening shop and in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Of the particular advantages of roller blinds, I would like to note that they do not have a tendency to accumulate dust - during the manufacturing process, the canvas is treated with special tools that

  • antistatic,
  • antibacterial,
  • dust-repellent properties.

Video how to look like roller blinds in the interior:

Assembly of roller blinds

The fastening of the blinds can be done in several ways, they can be installed:

  • on the ceilings,
  • on the walls,
  • in the openings of windows,
  • on the plastic windows.

The final installation method allows you to free up space in front of the window. The use of cassette systems allows installation on a window leaf, i.e. the window will open together with the curtain.

Due to the tight fit of the cassette structure, the window can more effectively protect the room from sunlight.

The degree of protection is determined by the thickness of the linen and the quality of the impregnation, so roller shutters:

  • light scattering,
  • reflective,
  • not passing light,
  • day Night.

If desired, roller blinds can be supplemented with traditional curtains - such a tandem allows a high level of shade, while the window looks classic.

What are the advantages of cassette blinds?

One of the most positive moments is that the impregnation of the fabric prevents the sun from burning out both the curtain fabric itself and the furniture and textiles that are present in the interior. This is especially important in rooms with windows facing south.

Control of cassette blinds - the procedure is very simple and convenient, twisting can be done:

  • with the help of the remote control, actuation of the electric drive, attached to the wall,
  • manually, without the use of tools.

Roller blinds have a rather attractive appearance, a wide range of shades can help you choose the right option without difficulty. Also, depending on the need for shading a particular room, you can choose curtains from bright, slightly shaded fabrics, or give preference to more expensive models from a rubberized window. Roller blinds do not interfere with the ventilation of the room - they do not interfere with the opening of the windows, and the metal plates and magnets that are present in the construction prevent the curtains from moving actively during gusts of wind.

Roller blinds with an open construction

Roller blinds can also differ in design.

The first variant, the design of an open type, allows the curtains to be fastened over the window opening or in itself. Depending on the proposed construction, a curtain holder is chosen, this can be a multipurpose mechanism or a conventional one, used for installation on plastic windows.

The following options are available for open constructions:

  • Standard - it is better to use it for installation above the window opening,
  • Mini - used when attaching to frames and sashes,
  • Attic - ideal for windows with a complex shape.

The operating principle of the mechanism itself is identical in each case: the curtain tarpaulin is rolled up on a special shaft that is attached with the help of two holders.

The canvas is controlled by a chain or mechanism equipped with a spring. For the spring mechanism, the holder is arranged on the lower rod. To achieve the desired darkening of the room, the curtain simply has to be pulled down and fixed at a certain level.

To raise the blinds, their fabric is pulled down after the system is unlocked. Sometimes they resort to the installation of guides with hooks to secure the blinds in place. It can also be attached to plastic windows without drilling using double-sided adhesive tape, although it should be noted that the adhesive layer can melt in the summer when the heat is high.

For some types of frames, the best option may be to use hanger anchors. The easiest way is still the design, fastened with self-tapping screws. Depending on the width of the fabric and the density of the curtains, the diameter of the shaft is chosen, in the end the construction can be quite large, this should be taken into account and a sufficiently strong rod is used to fix the curtains.

Neglecting this point can result in deformation or failure of the system.

For more information on options and technology for installing roller blinds, see the video:

Roll structures with closed boxes

If a few years ago it was believed that only plastic windows were suitable for fastening closed structures, today they are practiced very successfully on aluminum or wooden frames. Systems can be of different sizes, but that doesn't affect their design or functionality.

The main difference in the design of such models is the presence of a box, the side plugs with which it is equipped give the kit a neat and complete look. In this case, the dimensions of the box itself are important.

If the installation of the mini-system clearly does not lead to problems with opening and closing the doors, then the possibility of using dimensional rolling structures should be calculated in advance. A strong shaft and large box cannot always be placed over the window opening, especially if the windows are high.

Installation of the system in this case must be carried out on the ceiling of the room or opening, then in this case guides cannot be used. It should not be forgotten that the manufacturers of structures strongly recommend not to refuse the installation of guides:

  • they prevent deformation of the curtain fabric,
  • help prevent the possibility of displacement,
  • ensure ideal movement of the system components.

You can learn more about closed shutters by watching a video:

Roller blinds on plastic windows without drilling - installation and operating elements

When choosing a system, you should consider a few points, the value is not only the diameter of the shaft for winding the blade, but also the length of the brackets that will be used to fix it.

Of course, if you use curtains made of loose or dense material, then you should choose the brackets with the maximum length - they allow winding a larger roll. You have to know that the functioning, well-functioning constructions work absolutely without noise. If noise occurs while checking the system, then the design is incorrect or its assembly is not done correctly.

More recently, there have been original systems that allow you to do an installation that ensures the movement of the box along with the curtain. You can install this model on plastic frames. With regard to the advantages of such a system, it should be noted that the design can be controlled in both directions.

No less interesting is the option with temporary systems equipped with special slats that allow it to be attached to adhesive tape. To dismantle the construction on such a fastening is not difficult, if necessary it can be transported and installed in another structure, for example - in the country house. Such systems are also useful if you live in interchangeable spaces.

In order not to be amazed in the variety of the systems themselves and installation options, it is advisable to consult a professional - he will help you choose the best option for complexity, design, functionality and cost.

Principles of the selection of rolling systems

Choose the type of fastening of roll structures, preferably based on the functional loads on the window openings. If they have a sufficiently large width and depth, then the option is optimal if closed systems are used, which are attached to the frame. In this case, it will be possible to rationally use the entire area of ​​the window sill for decorative purposes.

One big role isn't going to get too much attention. If the window openings are small and there are no window sills, consider the option of attaching the fabric blinds above the opening. In this case, it is recommended to choose the cornice truthfully - it will make it possible to visually stretch the opening.

The type of system can be selected depending on personal preference. If you want to visually enlarge the small room, it is best to choose roller blinds that match the walls and fix them over the window opening.

If you prefer bright curtains or models of contrasting colors - then it is best to mount them on the doors - the illusion of having a lot of space in the room is created, and a fragment is successfully added to the design of the room itself, which no additional space required. If you decide to install roller blinds with your own hands, then you should choose models that are simpler, and when performing them, strictly follow the instructions in the installation instructions.

Mini roller blinds, features and differences

The "Mini" construction differs from the small dimensions that are usual and the lack of some elements, guides and cassettes.

It can be attached directly to the plastic part of the window. The window sill remains completely free and the sliding windows can be opened at the correct levels. Traditional materials are used in the manufacture of mini designs.

Among the technical differences can be mentioned:

  • the minimum possible diameter of the shaft is of the order of 10 mm, this of course contributes to a significant simplification of the structure and a reduction in its dimensions,
  • for each of the parts of the window a separate construction of roll mini blinds is installed,
  • In order to ensure the possibility of a more comfortable operation, each blade, which is arranged on the swivel joint or the flap, is equipped with miniature guides.
  • the fastening of mini-constructions is carried out only on a plastic base with special brackets.

Among other advantages, mini roller blinds are very inexpensive.