Who started ice climbing?

Ice climbing / Center Dürrenmatt / Amazon trip

January 3, 2021, 10:05 am

Smooth and steep. Ice climbing in the Tyrolean Pitztal. An experience documented acoustically.

For more than 20 years, ice climbers from all over Europe have come together in the Tyrolean Pitztal every winter. In 1999, mountaineers founded the "Total Ice Festival" there. The constant low temperatures in the deeply cut valley offer the best conditions for sport: frozen streams, bizarre icefalls, overhanging ice walls and a basecamp atmosphere in a snow-covered winter landscape.
Design: Matthias Haydn

Literature, painting & architecture - a visit to the Center Dürrenmatt in Neuchâtel on the occasion of Friedrich Dürrenmatt's 100th birthday.

In his youth, Friedrich Dürrenmatt wavered between literature and painting for a long time. The lot finally fell in favor of the writing profession. However, he never stopped drawing. Writing was his "profession" for him, while painting was his "passion". After his death, Dürrenmatt's second wife Charlotte Kerr laid the foundation stone for the "Center Dürrenmatt". The first house that Dürrenmatt lived in in Neuchâtel from 1952 was redesigned into a multifunctional museum by star architect Mario Botta. Today it is open to visitors as a literature archive, exhibition space for Dürrenmatt's paintings and as a memorial to one of the most important Swiss authors.
Design: Ursula Burkert

Along the Amazon in a hammock - a boat trip at the confluence of the Rio Solimões and Rio Negro.

Two lives would not be enough to navigate the rivers of the Amazon basin in Brazil, say the old, experienced boatmen who are familiar with the largest and most water-rich river system on earth. But even a brief immersion in this world between water and forest, around the legendary Manaus with its magnificent opera house, amazes: At the confluence of the two river giants Rio Solimões and Rio Negro, which unite below Manaus to form the Amazon - brown one , black the other - they need several kilometers to mix. About pink dolphins and baby caimans, giant water lilies and piranhas in soup pots or Indian villages that take in displaced people from all over the region and become a living cultural archive. The mood that comes over you when you see huge downpours or quiet sunsets on the river in the middle of the rainforest is comparable to that on high mountains, under a starry night sky or in the desert: here is something bigger than you are.
Design: Ines Mitterer

Editor: Ursula Burkert


Ice climbing in the Pitztal:
"Ice Total" Festival 2021
22.1 to 24.1 2021 in Mandarfen / Pitztal.
Information about the event:

Pitztal tourist office:
Unterdorf 18
6473 Wenns in Pitztal, Tyrol
Tel: +43 (0) 5414 869 99
Email: [email protected]

Center Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel
Pertuis-du-sault 74
2000 Neuchâtel
Tel: +41 58 466 70 60
Email: [email protected]

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Composer: Unknown
Title: Sunset / instr.
Soloist: Valdinho Langer / guitar with accompanist
Performers / Performers: Milton Cardona / Percussion
Performing / performing: Jo Settele / violoncello
Performing / performing: David Friesen / bass
Length: 03:44 min
Label: Shamrock Records 1035-2

Composer: Erik Satie / 1866-1925
Title: Sonatine bureaucratique for piano
Bureaucratic sonatina
Soloist: Gerhard Erber / piano
Length: 03:44 min
Label: Ars vivendi 2100210

Composer: Gismonti
Album: Contemporary Instrumental Music From Brazil
Executed by: Ulisses Rocha
Length: 03:52 min
Label: Windham Hill 411128

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