When will Airport Express be updated?

Apple releases security update for discontinued AirPort base stations

First Apple withdrew from the display business and then followed the withdrawal from network devices, although they shone with many interesting functions and ease of use. Instead, Apple is offering new solutions from Linksys network devices that meet the latest standards.

Still, many users stayed with Apple's AirPort products. In order to continue to guarantee the highest possible level of security, the company has now released a new firmware update for the discontinued products. This closes numerous security gaps in the AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule models, which have the 802.11ac network standard.

The company has set up a special page on the official website that informs interested users about the loopholes that have been closed and errors that have been fixed. This solves, among other things, the problem that not all user data was deleted when a factory reset was performed.

How to install firmware 7.9.1 on an AirPort base station

Go to AirPort Utility on your Mac. This can be found in the Applications folder under "Utilities". Now select your AirPort network or the AirPort base station. "Update" will now be displayed next to the version number. Click on it and now follow the instructions on the screen.