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You don't lean too far out the window to say that Run DMC is the most important rap group of all time. They are pioneers who lead hip hop from the New York slums to the big wide world. They are the first rap stars. Their albums were the first to receive gold ("Run DMC" '84), platinum ("King of Rock" '85) and even double-platinum ("Raising Hell" '86). Your video for the song "Rockbox" is the first rap video on MTV, for "Walk this Way" you are the first hip hopper to receive a Grammy, and you are the only rapper in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. But also lyrically they broke new ground a good 18 years ago, because they address social problems, and "Sucker MC's" is considered the mother of all diss tracks.

The beats and their appearance caused a musical revolution in hip hop in the early eighties. Guitar samples and hard rhythms far removed from any "Rapper's Delight" disco affinity symbolize the underground sound. Mostly dressed in black, hung with gold chains and with Adidas sneakers on their feet, Run DMC represent the street and the ghetto. Evil looking and cool poses are becoming socially acceptable and bring a new self-confidence to the minorities in America. Without the self-proclaimed "Kings of Rock", Hip Hop wouldn't be where it is today. Artists like Eminem or the Wutang Clan would probably not even exist without them.

As is so often the case in hip hop history, the story begins in a part of New York. In this case, it's about queens. Run DMC,
LL Cool J, Onyx, Nas, Mobb Deep, CNN, they all start their careers on these streets. Run DMC started in 1982. The Emcees Run (Joseph Simmons), DMC (Darryl McDaniels) and Deejay (Jam Master Jay) founded the group in Hollis, Queens / NY. That fall, Russell Simmons, Run's older brother and then manager of Kurtis Blow and Whodini, got the three of them a record deal. A little later, this Russell Simmons started the hip hop label with Def Jam. The first single "It's like that" / "Sucker MC's" comes out in '83 and already contains the characteristics of the typical Run DMC sound.

Hard, raw beats paired with aggressive lyrics are the new ingredients they add to the still young rap scene. Their self-titled debut is also a huge success thanks to the second release "Rock Box". MTV plays the track, which is underlaid by a guitar sample, up and down. Two years later "King of Rock" follows with the legendary verse from the title song, "I'm the king of rock, there is none higher, sucker mc's will call me sire." Run DMC can maintain their level and even increase it a year later with "Raising Hell". The cover version of the Aerosmith song "Walk this way" is the birth of the crossover # and effortlessly brings together the genres of hip hop and hard rock, which are considered incompatible. Run DMC are at the peak of their careers.

But in the years '89 -'93 they also get to know the dark side of the music business. Run is accused of rape, DMC fights desperately against alcohol. In addition, the anemic album "Back To Hell" flops. In 1993, however, Run DMC returned with "Down With The King". Since they have been in the rap game for over a decade and Hip Hop is developing rapidly, they use the talents of newcomers at the time like Pete Rock for this record. Since then, Run DMC have been on tour more or less constantly. Run becomes a preacher on the side, Jam Master Jay puts his energy into expanding the website, and DMC is developing a cartoon. It wasn't until 1997 that house DJ Jason Nevins brought Run DMC back to the public by forcing their old classic "It's like that" into a modern guise.

Impressed by Nevin's great success and the euphoria at the live shows, Run and Jam Master Jay start writing new songs. DMC is still at the start for appearances, but otherwise stays in the background. The "Crown Royal" record is announced for fall '98 and names like Nas and Method Man are circulating as possible feature artists. But due to technical problems with the label, the record is repeatedly postponed. In April 2001 the thing finally appears, guests are (apart from the above-mentioned) Mobb Deep, Kid Rock, Fred Durst and Everlast.

On October 30, 2002, the story of Run DMC took an unfortunate turn: a stranger shot and killed founding member Jam Master Jay in a recording studio in New York, injured a bystander and escaped undetected. Drug and gang disputes resulting from Jay's proximity to 50 Cent and his beef with the Murder Inc. posse around Irv Gotti and Ja Rule are said to have been the reason for the murder.

Jam Master Jay was more active in the background as a singer and rapper. But the DJ got all the more attention with his incredible scratches. Shortly after his death, McDaniels and Simmons Run run DMC.