What was your road trip mishap

Greifswald goes international

The last 2 days we went for a weekend in the mountains near Lillehammer - possibly known from the television series of the same name or the 1994 Winter Olympics - with locals and some of the international students. We organized enough cars, loaded everyone up to the roof with clothes, sleeping bags, food, drink, a guitar, ourselves and lots of good humor, in order to then reach our destination for almost an hour over bumpy, unpaved forest roads.

The house was located directly in the forest on a rushing mountain stream and offered all 26 people enough space to develop freely. After the big scramble for the best places to sleep, dinner was prepared - pasta with tomato sauce and salad. However, due to a mishap of the chefs, the salad ended up in the sauce instead of in an extra bowl - but it was still surprisingly tasty. We spent the evening with board games, good conversation and a guitar session outside in the wooden lavvu (Norwegian term for a tipi) by the campfire.

The next day everyone was free to do what he or she wanted. Some grabbed the canoes and took a tour on the river, others went fishing and I decided to hike with a few others to climb Tuva, the highest mountain (1090 m above sea level) in the area. At some point the signs went nowhere and no path was recognizable, so we had to make our own way through the boreal coniferous forest, but ultimately found our way safely to our destination. We had a similar problem on the way back. Luckily we met a Norwegian shepherdess who showed us the right way. She had found a flock of sheep that day, even if they weren't her own. Anyway, we were happy when we got back in time for a barbecue.

The next day we went back to Evenstad. We had a really nice weekend!