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Recovering a Deleted Photo Album Saved in Internal Storage - Note 3 [Duplicate]

Yes, it is painful. Happened to me once.

You need to root your phone to get the data back. However, this usually only works if the rooting was done before the incident. There are different software for different operating systems that we can use to thoroughly scan the lost data files and retrieve them from the phone (after that, you should save the phone as Mass storage to make scanning for the software easier). One of the best software is Recuva . Read this for more information.

Android storage works like computer storage - any deleted file will still be stored in temporary storage until it is overwritten, but it will not be visible to us. You can access it by rooting your device with certain software programs. However, rooting should be avoided as much as possible. So if you think these pictures are worth it then check it out. Otherwise, take precautions in the future.

You can install this in your phone. This application acts as a recycle bin and stores all deleted files in it. It can be easily restored.


Android does not have a "recycle bin". If you delete something, it will be deleted. The reason you can restore things depends on how the file system is doing the deletion. The data you delete will (generally) not be overwritten. Instead, the space is simply marked as "available" and the pointer to the file is removed. Therefore, until the data is overwritten, it may be possible to restore it.