Can replace technology managers

Study of digitization and jobs: which jobs are affected

The easiest way to replace these jobs is with computers

In the catering industry, the substitutability potential is low, it is just 18.2 percent. It is particularly difficult to replace helpers in the event service (17.5 percent). Business economists who are responsible for catering or system catering are relatively easier to substitute (27 percent). Activities such as costing and planning, which are the responsibility of these specialists, could well be replaced by computers in the future. On the other hand, it is rather unlikely that a "human server" will be replaced by a robot, just like hotel secretaries.

30 percent of the activities of a helper in a security profession can be carried out by a robot or an algorithm. Even if security robots are already giving an alarm in the event of unusual occurrences in underground garages or in parking lots, it is hardly conceivable

that in the future people can be dispensed with in the penal system or in police investigations.

The tasks of a specialist in the security area nevertheless have a substitutability potential of 50 percent, the potential for specialists is similarly high. The activities of security experts, on the other hand, can only be replaced by 32 percent.