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Vent - The Community for Big Feelings from the App Store

If you have had a bad day, it is good to be able to talk to someone about the negative feelings and experiences. But even if you are full of anticipation for something, you are bored or feel confused, it can help to share your feelings and thoughts with someone. The Vent introductory app sees itself as a social diary on which it should be possible to openly and honestly express how you really feel at the moment. Because by honestly exchanging feelings, deep connections and friendships can develop.

According to Vent, it is important to have a supportive, constructive and empathetic community. This should make it possible for everyone to get to know nice new people with whom one can exchange ideas about the beautiful and not so beautiful sides of everyday life in a mutual and trusting way.

The basic function of the app is to inform the community of your current emotional state. Following on from this, topics related to the current emotional state can be discussed with the other users. You can also exchange ideas with people you like via private chat. By helping and supporting each other, you not only get to know a lot of new people, but with a little luck you can also make new friends. In the form of many topic-specific groups, the app also offers many forums in which like-minded people and friends can exchange ideas on certain topics. The Clubhouse app, which has been on the market since the beginning of 2021, is following a very similar model.