Can we get vegetarian food in Stockholm?

Sweden vegan: culinary highlights in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Imagine you are driving into a city and there are tons of options to go vegetarian or even vegan. Unfortunately a dream in Frankfurt am Main so far. Reality in Stockholm and Gothenburg!

When we planned our trip in November, we weren't even aware that Sweden was a culinary dreamland would be for us.

During my first careful research, I came across a post from My Friend does wicked vegan pastries and was already slightly euphoric.

But Happy Cow also showed us numerous possibilities, and I can really recommend the site for travel! During our stay I happened upon a Stockholm post from Totally Veg! encountered. But now to our impressions and recommendations:


Hermitage (Stora Nygatan 11)

  • For 100 kroner * (from 3 p.m. 110 kroner) the Hermitage offers a vegetarian buffet (approx. 75% vegan). For tea, coffee & water there is another 5 crowns, but then Free refill - very sympathic.
  • The selection isn't too big, but it tastes all the better. We had a goulash pan that really looked like meat, a spelled, raisin and coriander salad and rice balls, to name just a few delicacies - nobody goes home hungry here.
  • Danger! We are right here in the old town. In Germany that means mostly hearty, meat-heavy cuisine and tourist rip-offs. A comparable restaurant near the Frankfurt Römers - unimaginable!

Chutney (Katarina Bangata 19)

  • For 80 kroner you can choose one of four daily dishes, the salad buffet, bread as well as water, coffee & tea are included.
  • When we ate at the chutney were even all four dishes of the day vegan - but that was a coincidence. We ate an Indian curry with all kinds of vegetables and saffron rice, with raw vegetables salads. Particularly tasty: the cucumber water.
  • The chutney is in Södermalm, the younger part of Stockholm. The vegan blueberry cake (40 crowns) also looked very tempting, but: unfortunately we were too full.

Hermans (Fjällgatan 23 B)

  • For 169 kroner there is certainly Hermans the best buffet i have ever eaten. Water, coffee & tea and soy milk are already included.
  • Lemongrass and pumpkin curry, amaranth and dill salad, hummus with sprouts, Mexican taco salad - these are just a few of the highlights, the list could go on for a long time.
  • If I were in Stockholm for just one more day - I would go straight to Hermans. In addition to the great food is the Phenomenal views of the harbor and the city. By the way, I'd like to try the Mexican taco salad again myself. The recipe will of course be posted here. (The recipe can now be found here)


Lai Wa (Storgatan 11)

  • The Lai Wa is not a vegetarian restaurant, but a "normal" Chinese. The vegetarian dishes are available for 90 to 120 crowns.
  • A little hint:don't let the English card be brought to you, but simply asks the waitress to translate the vegetarian dishes. The English version lacks the vegetarian dishes ...
  • Very nice: When ordering, we made sure that our selected dishes contain neither dairy products nor eggs. When serving, we were then confirmed that our dishes were really cooked in a different pot and not together with meat. That cannot be taken for granted - we weren't in a purely veggie restaurant!

Solrosen (Kaponjärgatan 4 A)

  • The Solrosen is located in the middle of Gothenburg's cute old town. It offers four vegetarian dishes a day. Including salad buffet, water, coffee, tea and soy milk, you can get 80 kroner. When we visited, one of the four daily specials was vegan.
  • The lentil vegetables with fried potatoes in a hot sauce was just right for us. The salad buffet consisted of many raw vegetable salads - we were very satisfied.
  • Yes, and finally we too could enjoy a Swedish blueberry cake, served with vegan vanilla sauce, by the way. Very tasty and not too sweet!

Sattva (Södra Vagen 73)

  • The Sattva can be easily reached on foot from the city center. For 75 crowns there was soup and a main course. Tea actually has to be paid extra with 15 kroner, but our tea order was on the house.
  • There was pumpkin and coconut soup as well as a chickpea, carrot and potato curry, turmeric rice and apricot chutney with a large portion of iceberg cucumber salad. The purely vegetable margarine was taken out of the fridge especially for us.
  • Simple and tasty. It is more of a student snack bar that is only open for lunch (11.30am to 3pm).

Hängmatan Café (Karl Johansgatan 16)

  • One more time vegetarian buffet - we're glad! For 75 crowns, drinks are included. When do I get something like that in the Rhine-Main area?
  • Around 80% of the dishes on offer are vegan, with cheese on some dishes. The pizza looks deceptively real (and tastes like it), even though it is specially labeled as “vegan”. Otherwise there were salads with black beans, chickpeas, beetroot, as well as chickpea balls, potatoes and a terrific hummus.
  • The Hängmatan Café is also only open for lunch until 2.30 p.m.

Sweden vegan: Our impression

The number and variety of vegetarian restaurants speaks for itself. I have never eaten so delicious, varied and affordable on vacation as in Sweden (note: the average price level in Sweden is higher than in Germany). But it's also just the little things that we experienced that made the difference to Germany clear to me:

  • It goes without saying that there is soy milk in coffee shops. So self-evident that it is usually not listed on the scoreboard. And doesn't cost a cent more either.
  • In our hotel in Gothenburg there was not only soy milk for breakfast (that's already extraordinary!), But also rice milk and a fruit and oat drink as well as vegan margarine. Our muesli was saved in the morning, even if, for once, there was no Bircher muesli.
  • Chia seeds and hemp protein can be bought in a normal supermarket. For comparison: I went to three health food stores in Frankfurt in December because I wanted to buy chia seeds. No one had heard of Chia before in any of the three health food stores.
  • We haven't found anything comparable to Alnatura, Basic Bio or Denn’s markets in Sweden, but there are so-called "Halsokost" stores (no chain to my knowledge). These are smaller than our organic stores, but larger and more modern than German health food stores.
  • We hardly saw any overweight people.
  • We read a great saying in Gothenburg in the Condecco coffee shop chain: "Vill you ha glutenfri eller vegan-macka? Saw till! Vi fixar! " I don't speak Swedish, but you can pick up a bit in a week. I would freely translate this as “Would you like your dish gluten-free or vegan? Say it! We will sort it out!"**

Do you also know vacation destinations that are vegan / vegetarian friendly? If yes, which? I am looking forward to your experiences!

* Exchange rate: 100 kroner currently approx. 11 euros
** You speak Swedish and I made a serious mistake? Let me know!